Bitfxt – Decentralized Cryptocurrency Built with a Proof of Stake Algorithm

BITFXT is an IT company that develops valuable blockchain software. We aim to bring people closer to the “blockchain” by producing interactive, easy-to-use, non-centralized solutions that can be easily accessed for everyone. I got it right here, just like they were talking about. As a description, we can talk about a platform that is easy to use, easy to access and serves globally.

Africa may seem to be a drawback in terms of being a project that has been out of order and the use and awareness of blockchain in Africa are minimal. However, it seems to be a good advantage for introducing and promoting millions of people who have not yet met blockchain with this technology.

The BITFXT Stock Exchange engine is directly personalized and completely transparent. In addition, their wallets serve on a global basis. What we understand with this is that you can take action wherever you are in the world. There is no region, country, citizenship limitation.

If I mention their security, the CFDs are insured. If we open this statement a little more for friends who have just entered the sector; They follow the industry’s latest technology security practices. Which is critically important in the projects and applications of wallets, stock exchanges, etc.

There is no doubt about the ease of deposit. You can put the fiat currency directly on the platform by credit card or bank transfer. With the wallet you have, you can easily perform transactions such as shopping, clearing, etc. from one application.

I’ll make a few points for friends who think about investing. When investing in ETH, BITFXT make sure that the account you send the money to has a myetherwallet, metamask-style ERC-20 wallets. Because the BXT tokens will be sent to the address you sent the money to. If you attempt to send money from any stock Exchange site, the tokens will not be available to you in exchange for the exchange of the BXT you receive!

Let me tell you some of the basic investment information of the rocket:

Name: BITFXT Coın
Symbol: BXT
Number of decimals: 8
Total supply: 20 million
Total Ico Source: 14m
Min. Participation Amount: 0.01 ETH
Soft Cap: 2,000 ETH
Hard Cap: 5,000 ETH

BITFXT As with other ICS, you will not be able to encounter any problems such as when you are going to market. Because the tokens will be open directly on the BITFXT stock Exchange.

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