BitNautic Shipping and the World Trade

As a matter of fact, it is already clear from the name of the review what will be discussed. And it is about the introduction of technology blockchain in various areas of modern society. This process is well underway and is unlikely to be stopped. This is understandable because this technology simplifies many mechanisms and allows to optimize certain processes. In this case, we will talk about the integration of blockchain technology into the shipping industry. Why shipping? It is very simple, today 90% of world trade is carried out using vessels, and, according to experts, the total tonnage of sea transport will be doubled by 2030. Therefore, the issue of integration of technology blockchain in this sphere is very important and relevant. The team of the Bitnautic project will try to solve it. 


About the project. 
Bitnautic is a trading platform for goods where consumers, importers/exporters, and manufacturers will be able to trade their products. This process will take place using the blockchain technology. The developers of this project aim to simplify and optimize the process of trade and delivery of any goods, replacing a huge chain of different types of necessary documents, permits, etc., several smart contracts.  
During the development of technologies to remain loyal to old and already obsolete methods of activity in this or that sphere, it is a great luxury. The same applies to shipping. The problem is that the goods, before getting from the manufacturer and to the final consumer, passes a huge chain of departments, and accompanied by a large number of documents. In this situation, the human factor is not excluded, which often leads to delays in the delivery of goods, which affects all participants in the process. By replacing many of the moments that have survived with several smart contracts, the delivery process will become much faster, more transparent and secure.
Besides, this platform will solve other equally important problems in this sphere:
Transport system. It is assumed that Bitnautic will have its own fleet, the courts of which will be used for the transport needs of the domestic commercial unit business. The courts will also be bought for funds collected on the ICO. According to Whitepaper, 30% of the collected funds will be directed to this. 
Reservation System. With the help of the platform the manufacturer, who needs to send the goods on the water, can quickly find a suitable free vessel according to the required parameters (weight, time interval, destination address, the address of the customer). Payment of all transactions will take place on the basis of the platform through the internal currency. 
Brokerage system. On the platform, there will be an accessible system of shipbroker for shipowners, brokerage agents, and courier companies. Owners of water vehicles, which are integrated into the bitnautic system, will be able to receive orders for the delivery of goods from manufacturers. Also there will be available services of brokers-intermediaries between the parties of the transaction. 
Ship and cargo tracking. Bitnautic customers will be able to track both ship and cargo in real time. This will be achieved by implementing a modern tracking system.  
E-commerce platform. For all users, there will be an available opportunity to enter into trading transactions on the basis of this platform and make payment by the internal currency. This will ensure the speed of payments and their reliability. 
Shipping and cargo Market (SCM). At its core, the Bitnautic platform should create an enabling environment for all market participants in shipping and cargo delivery to improve the quality of the process. Smart Trading card. Platform clients will be able to use the card to pay for internal services. Its use guarantees transparent and instant payments, without the need to use Fiat funds.  
Mobile application. For maximum convenience, developers will be offered a mobile application that allows you to perform backup and tracking functions and will generate detailed reports for all user actions. This will improve customer service. The beta version of the application is shared. It can be downloaded for now-that only for Android system in Google play.
Exclusive offers and discounts. Permanent exclusive offers and discounts will be offered for the participants of the platform. This is aimed at attracting more customers. 
Selling tokens.
Pre-sale-March 15-March 30, 2018 (30% bonus valid)
Token-sale-April 15-June 15, 2018
Token price-1 ETH = 1000 btnt
The minimum amount of fees is 5 000 ETH
Maximum fees-25 000 ETH created tokens-50 000 000 btnt (all tokens not sold will be burnt)
Token distribution:
70%-Pre-ico and ICO
6%-Bitnautic team
5%-Consultants Bitnautic
10%-Reserve fund
The use of tokens token btnt (created on Blokchejne Ethtereum) can be bought at all stages of Seila. But in the future, the developers plan to switch to their own blockchain, in order to minimize the volatility of the price of their coin (as it would affect the cost of services), and exclude withdrawn commission for transactions. Therefore, in the future, the BTNT token will need to be exchanged for btns (bitnautic coins). Actually, this coin will be the main internal currency on the platform. The technical document also mentions the increase in the issue of the coin in the following years.
Rating team information about project team members is present both on the site and in Whitepaper. You can view their profiles on LinkedIn. The CEO of this project is Gianfranco Pierini. In the description of his profile on LinkedIn, it is stated that he is a crypto investor, a trader and simply  In fact the team is international. Among its participants there are representatives of Canada, Switzerland, Great Britain, Italy, Czech Republic, Pakistan, India. Personally, I am a little confused by this internationality. But if it doesn’t show up as a project, then why not. 
Results to accept or not to take part in the token-sale Everyone must make a decision on their own. The idea of the project seems very interesting to me. Will we, the ordinary users, often use this platform for their own purposes? I don’t think so. Will it be able to simplify the life of all participants in the shipping process and delivery of goods on water? Definitely yes. It will not only simplify it, but also create conditions for further development of this industry, introducing new modern technologies into it. If the team is able to implement the plan, the Bitnautic platform will become indispensable for consumers, exporters/importers, ship owners, courier companies, as well as brokers and agents.

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