BitNautic Transforming the Global Shipping Industry with a decentralized platform,

Bitnautic is one of the platform’s payload and cruise decentralized developed around powerful blockchain technology. The main purpose of this system is to help consumers and users get more opportunities to build wealth. But it’s not just for consumers, but also for traders, investors, and owners of the ship as well. Nevertheless, it is designed to help anyone involved in the industry reached a better number of companies or their portfolio.

The company also works as a market of goods and merchandise. Importers, exporters, manufacturers and final consumers will all have access to the platform for the purpose of buying and trading. This system will make the practice around the world is easier than ever. People will be able to easily post their products for sale or read carefully until they find something they like.

BitNautic promised to use one of-the-art artificial intelligence algorithms that are on the market. As it turns out, is based on an automated ordering system that works in real-time. It can track delivery, helping e-commerce platform running smoothly and get used to creating special offers that offer exclusive discounts to customers.

BitNautic also uses a variety of such different crypto Bitcoin Ethereum and as well as having their own unique token is called BTNC. They use the technology blockchain the same way as did the Ethereum, with smart contracts. They could potentially become a single source platform for delivery of air, land, and sea in terms of payload. They want to make it easy for suppliers to get one place to meet all their needs. Bitnautik trying to reshape the way the work of transport, which in turn affects every aspect of society and our community.

Customers always come first with BitNautic. The user has several different features that they can count on, there are a few strong incentives to encourage employment. You can do things like getting an estimate of the total postage of your cargo with respect to different specific requirements.

After that, you can rely on to be able to order the cargo there, enough books and BitNautic companies will handle the rest. You can also directly buy goods from their eCommerce platform developed specifically for users of the platform.

Every owner of a ship who wants service or crew could count on the platform as well. You don’t have to worry anymore about finding a good crew or service associated with the delivery. You just put your boat on the BitNautic platform and they will provide all the required delivery service.

They will match you with a wide range of opportunities that will help you grow your business and increase Your audience reach. You can even register your ship on the network for rent. BitNautic promises to be one of the world’s largest cruise platform, which will help anyone in this industry to maximize their profits.

They also have a special agent which gives the local delivery agent’s ability to thrive in their markets. This platform was developed to connect sellers with customers who are searching for their services. And not only that but to connect seller and a company with a special agent from the platform that can help them build their business with the system. Anyone who wants to be a broker of digital can use this platform to connect with boat owners and customers in a worldwide scale.

BitNautic Stand With Some Pretty Powerful Features:
Cargo booking
With a system that is easy to use, you can estimate the cost of transportation and cargo shipment with just a few clicks and a few little information.

Global Shipping Currency
You can use the BitNautic Token to make delivery contracts and purchases around the world. Token BTNT designed to bring various players in the country cruise together.

Tracking System
They also give the user the ability to use Fiat, BTNT or other cryptocurrency forms. And they use a sophisticated State, a sophisticated tracking system to monitor and supervise the cargo is all done in real-time and is ideal for anyone who wants a guaranteed security.

Shipping and Cargo Market
The platform is also ideal to bring colleagues together with shipping, so they can be on the same page and helps improve the delivery of core systems and BitNautic.

E-Commerce Platform
Some are easy to navigate, a digital storefront where people can buy or sell their products without having to deal with any type of middleman.

Exclusive Offers
Plus, they promised to deliver an exclusive offer to their users. Some of them are simple discounts, there is also more profitable-but is only available to members of the system, complete with navigation to ensure they never miss a deal.

Details about the ICO BTNT BitNautic
Presale for ICO starts in less than twenty-three days. They want to bring thirty-five million dollars for the ICO. Until now, you can contribute at and you can also download this whitepaper to see more about the company.

Pre ICO Starts: Mar 15, 2018
Pre ICO Ends: Mar 30, 2018
Main ICO Starts: Apr 15, 2018
Main ICO Ends: Jun 15, 2018
A Token Symbol: BTNT
The Token Type: ERC20
ICO Supply: 35 Million
Total Token Supply: 50 Million
Bounty campaign token allocation:
The Mainstream Media’s bounty: 625000 BTNT
Social Media bounty: 500000 BTNT
Signature Bounty: 650000 BTNT
Blogs/Forums Bounty: BTNT 350000
Translation Bounty: 200000 BTNT
Bug Reporting: 175000 Bounty BTNT

Who Is Behind BitNautic BTNT?
Anmol Bajwa is the CEO and co-founder, he was the leader of more than a dozen other team members are working hard to realize the vision of the BitNautic against reality. Most of the team members in the system have a LinkedIn profile is complete and verified. It’s all good because the more transparent a company owned in connection with their team, the easier it is believed them.

BitNautic ICO BTNT Conclusions
Bitnautic  The company seemed to be on the right track. They even have their own cards so you can perform many different actions. For example, the card was considered all in one intelligent trading cards. You can use it for the needs of shipping, service and other purchases in order to make the process easy, simple, comfortable and very safe.

With that card, you don’t need to carry cash anymore. You also will not have much of a credit card. All you need is our BitNautic Card. And as it turns out, you can use it anywhere and everywhere.

The card and the system promise to be safe and reliable. They operate with full transparency supported by blockchain technology that can not be solved. The system is designed to protect user data and also the transactions carried out and their personal information delivery.

With that card, you can also get instant payment. You can then use it to pay for trade, commodities, and products as well. Another important factor to remind you about it they give full disclosure of the whole team behind BitNautic. And if you don’t know, transparency is the most important factor in any company — especially a new startup in the tech industry.

If you are looking for a good company to work in the delivery room, technology and crypto-torrential, then BitNautic may be the right company for you. Of course, until we see the whole blockchain fully operational, no one knows how the functional platform.

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