Bitozz: #1 Derivatives Ecosystem For Crypto Assets

Bitozz creates a completely new ecosystem, created to promote the crypto market, where traders have access to a variety of trading and investment instruments, which provides a high level of free, strategic, low-risk and Seamless trading experience.
Implementation of the Bitozz trading platform will end the user problem and the level of platform transparency. Using blockchain technology from the Bitozz trading platform will help improve and enhance the platform’s transparency.
Insecurity is another problem that I would like to discuss here today. Insecurity has been a trader’s nightmare over time as a result of the hawks around the entire trading platform. It was reported that there were attacks on trading platforms where users and traders were always concerned about the safety and security of their employees in the event of this problem. The Bitozz project is a unique project because the security of the trading platform is a team priority and they will always try to enhance the security of the Bitozz platform to prevent any hacks and attacks.
Another problem facing the trading platform is the high cost of transactions and costs. One of the objectives of the Bitozz trading platform is to eliminate high transaction costs by introducing lump-sum fees.
Bitozz Trading Platform is the first in the future platform for trading of crypto-active assets and options, providing good investment and trading solutions. Bitozz Trading Platform has adopted the use of advanced algorithmic trading methods, which makes it a unique and the first platform to adopt this technology. Another good feature is the use of up to 25% without any transfer costs. As it would be perfect for traders if the Bitozz platform existed so far. Some other features of the Bitozz platform that make it unique and better than other existing ones include; Portfolio diversification through the Bitozz product offer, a good trading interface that helps in fulfilling orders, adopting a semi-automated trading system, reducing risk by examining trade.
We can make the transaction more interesting (especially if you can not perform 24/7 trading operations, most people can not do it!)? There are several ways to do this. First, you can hire professional traders to trade their property. Second, you can choose a long-term holder or you can find a platform with other options that give you the opportunity to profit, perhaps something like auto stop setting or things. Something like that? (We talked about it, right?)
The first option can only be available to people with big money because you have to pay for these people to get a profit. And today such a person is difficult to find because they can work independently. For beginners or frequent traders, there is someone else, the best option. Since the long-term owner can provide insane benefits such as increasing x1000, however, it also carries a great risk of losing anything.
How about the third option? This can certainly be done. Almost every trader can use these options, no matter how much money they have. They will need to install the algorithm, execute the first transaction, and the rest will be executed by the system. Of course, you can also manage it when you have it.
The main advantage of using the platform, where you can use any command of automatic adjustment (for example, stop-loss orders), is that you can shorten the time to sobriety and look at the chart. You can make free time to improve your knowledge, work in other businesses, make you work more efficiently and still receive good income. This is by far the best option for those who may not be online every day.
Bitozz  Redemption plan: Every quarter we will use 10% of our profits to redeem Bitozz tokens and burn them until we buy 59% of all Bitozz tokens (302,045,455). All reverse-feedback transactions will be declared on the blockchain. We eventually burn 302,045,455 Bitchenians Tokens, leaving 210 million bits in circulation. Dividends: Each month we distribute proportionally 10% of our profit (payable in BTC) to Bitozz token holders holding the coin for more than the specified days, as on the date of distribution. This bonus practice will be continued until December 31, 2022. Tax Income: (the invitation bonus) will be paid to the person inviting new users to our forms for investment or trade. A stimulus of 10% of the invested amount would be given to all direct referrals (5% for payment in BTC in real time and 5% for payment in Bicocca tokens on June 30, 2019). Bitts-Tokens as collateral: Bitozz tokens will be accepted as security on loans. We are already cooperating with the depository network and talking to several major credit card providers.

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