BitOZZ – Creating a Completely New Ecosystem

Bitozz It is an advanced or virtual cash that is intended to be used as a trading tool. It uses cryptography to bind and confirm exchanges and to control the production of new units of a particular digital currency. In fact, the digital currency is a limited pass in a database that cannot be fixed unless certain conditions are met.
Cryptocurrency Exchange is a place where people exchange some cryptocurrency on other, or on the main world currencies (dollar, euro, rubles, Yuani).

Due to the high volatility of cryptocurrency, most people use them for speculation on various exchanges. In 2013, the rate of bitcoin increased by 5580%, which is not in any comparison with 30% of the profitability of shares in the stock market. This feature of cryptocurrency attracts many large investors. For example, the Winklevoss brothers invested 11 million in Bitcoin in April 2013. dollars, and at the end of the same year venture fund Andreessen Horowitz thanks to the system of purses Coinbase, along with other investors, has invested in cryptocurrency a record $25 million. Dollars.
On the largest Russian-language exchange meet orders to buy or sell Bitcoins for the amount of about a million rubles. Bitozz is a unique decentralized trading platform. Bitozz has created a completely new ecosystem, which was created to stimulate the market of subordinate cryptocurrency, where brokers approach the range of tools of exchange and speculation, which allow exceptionally freely, vitally important, well and Exchange knowledge smoothly. With a range of subordinate instruments, BITOZZ offers its clients the opportunity to protect, theorize and expand their portfolios.

Bitozz Exchange is a nice user experience, and now the biggest user experience in E-money exchange is customer care. Of course, the customer support system is very important, but it is useless without a sufficient number of staff and training. BitozzCustomer service is limited to employees and easily expands. Bitozz offers its users the freedom to hedge, speculate and diversify their portfolio.
By expanding this choice for the customers of this company, the ecosystem will help to decide which strategy is most suitable for investment and trading their assets. Advanced types of orders, such as a bracket, order for coverage, trailing stop loss for spot markets. There is no cost to credit perpetual futures on all the alternative coins listed on this platform. Bitozz Lots of ready-to-use strategy options.

Why Bitozz?
 Bitozz strives to expand the market by opening the doors to hedge funds, ETF and mutual funds, providing advanced tools.
 Lack of opportunities to use trading levers in all cryptographic systems (including futures and options)
 Bitozz Exchange will not be limited to derivative products only, but offer a single window solution.
 Leverage up to 25x at no cost.
 Quickly and accurately deal with our exclusive trading interface
 Implementation of semi-automated trading strategies using advanced and customizable visualization and analytics tools
 Learn to trade without risking real cryptocurrency with a modern bitozz Exchange simulator

Standard: ERC-20
Hard cap: 6.34 million Usd. United States
Softcap: 4 mln. Usd. United States
Token Price: USD 0.03
Emission: 512 million

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