BITRUST Insurance Platform For Simple Cryptocurrency & Is Easy To Use By Anyone

BITRUST From the results of the meeting of the G20 member countries a few months ago which discusses cryptocurrencies can conclude that the more countries that legalized Bitcoin and another cryptocurrency. And this, of course, gives a positive impact against the cryptocurrency market, with the results of this meeting then request cryptocurrency can be increased and the technology of blockchain can continue to grow and in implemented into the more different industries.

 And of course with the growing demand for cryptocurrency then the transaction volume and the extreme low liquidity cryptocurrency the better. Many investors who already have skills and knowledge about the market that high profits from investing in cryptocurrency. But on the other hand, many new arrivals in cryptocurrency suffered losses because they can’t manage their cryptocurrency investment from the high fluctuation in the market. As we know cryptocurrency has a high volatility so that when we invest in a digital asset, then we have to diversify risks and has also another skill to avoid losses when there is a decrease in price.

What is a Bitrust? 
Bitrust insurance is the platform of P2P (Peer-to-Peer) blockchain-based decentralized Ethereum, which will serve the digital currency investor at the time of existence of decrease in the price of cryptocurrency. Unlike the existing risk management solutions, a complicated and expensive for a newcomer in crypto, BITRUST aims to be affordable for retail investors with a trading volume of cryptocurrency monthly between $100 and $100,000 and for investors who have no trading experience. So the existence of this insurance platform, all new arrivals in cryptocurrency investors can avoid losses when prices drop cryptocurrency.

How does Bitrust? 
As we know, at the beginning of the year 2017 is a period for the fall in the price cryptocurrency significantly, so that a lot of traders and investors in cryptocurrency suffered heavy losses. See high volatility in the market cryptocurrency, then all the people who invest in this digital asset should have good risk management to avoid big losses. Bitrust platform and will provide solutions when prices drop with cryptocurrency platform provides insurance.

The workings of this Bitrust P2P insurance platform can be explained as follows: If you are a newly bought cryptocurrency and fear the price drop of this crypto, then you can use the Bitrust platform for ensuring these assets crypto. In the Bitrust platform, there are other colleagues who are willing to ensure your crypto asset, and if the price of the crypto you drop then the associates will recover your assets and asset prices when crypto you ride that colleagues will then receive an insurance fee from you. Thus Bitrust platform will provide protection for investors cryptocurrency especially newcomers who don’t have the skill to set up investment away from losses because of high fluctuations. With BITRUST, anyone will be able to enter into a contract of insurance with the terms agreed with the execution is guaranteed in accordance with their provisions.

What are the purpose and the benefits given by the Bitrust?
See the high fluctuation of cryptocurrency and more people are interested to invest in cryptocurrency demands the transfer of the risks when the price drop to avoid losses. Bitrust platform provides solutions to the high volatility crypto market sometimes cannot manage by investors in new arrivals in cryptocurrency. Bitrust insurance platform provides an online marketplace where we want to ensure we will have digital asset protection investments when prices drop through the crypto other colleagues who will mercer of our assets. So the investment cryptocurrency with this high risk can minimize risk in. The existence of this Bitrust platform can also increase the demand for cryptocurrency in the market, so that the volume of trade being higher and liquidity for the better.

Details Of ICO Bitrust
ICO start: April 2 – May 31, 2018
Symbol Token: BTF
Purchase: ETH
Type Token: ERC20
The price of Tokens: 0.0001 ETH/Token
Minimum purchase:-
Bonus: Available up to 30%

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