BITRUST Peer-to-Peer Decentralized Cryptocurrency Insurance Platform

BITRUST As we know, the current market cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology continue to grow and develop. Of course, this will have a direct impact on a significant technology breakthrough in terms of architectural data, transactions, security investments, and decentralized networks. According to Coinmarketcap, there is more than 1,380 cryptocurrency circulating on the market. However, the newly launched altcoin 179 in the year 2017 has suffered a decline in value dramatically.

Not only that, according to The Business Insider, Initial Coin Offering (ICO) has managed to collect more than USD 3.5 billion in 2017. However, the entire market suffers from a lack of transparency, oversight regulations that limited due diligence, the bad, and the absence of basic forms of protection to the investors. In the case above, we can conclude that major problems often encountered by potential investors or traders when considering an investment in cryptocurrency is the increased risk of the loss in value of certain altcoin.

Although there are currently few platforms that offer a variety of risk management solutions for cryptocurrency fans, the numbers are very limited. In addition, this kind of service is only intended for professional traders and investors of the course, a course for small investors and traders on a regular cryptocurrency this makes them very complicated, difficult access, and requires an expensive cost in order to use its services. Seeing this opportunity, Alex Duhamel is planning to create a platform for cryptocurrency insurance that can protect the value of the assets of its users from the cryptocurrency market volatility which is easily accessible and low cost.

Bitrust is a platform of insurance cryptocurrency Peer-to-Peer (P2P) based technology that utilizes blockchain Ethereum smart contract. This platform to its decentralized, easy to reach, easy to use, and low cost. The platform is a product of Bitrust Company Limited founded Project BTF and operates according to applicable law in the United Kingdom with headquarters in London. The goal of Bitrust is to provide community access to the blockchain risk management solutions that are simple and easy to use. This platform will give you the opportunity to protect the value of the assets of the cryptocurrency users and manage the risks associated with volatility in the currency market. This platform is not intended only for investors and traders just great, but Bitrust will also serve investors and traders with small trading volume cryptocurrency average monthly $100 to $100,000.

The cornerstone of insurance cryptocurrency Bitrust platform is a system of exchanges and clearing transaction can eliminate the possibility of decentralized action fraud, the risk of a single-point-of-failure and prevent the system from external regulation. This platform will not ask any personal data to you, because Bitrust was convinced that the opportunity to manage the assets and trade is your own decision. The user interface (UI) Bitrust have been designed as simple as possible for easy use by users. In addition, smart technology contract based Ethereum blockchain which is the basis of the Bitrust platform can ensure the safety of all your data and nobody can manipulate or take over your assets.

Bitrust is a platform of insurance cryptocurrency which basically created to protect the user’s funds from loss due to market volatility. So if you as an investor wishing to invest in or other coins Bitcoin, but you think after you buy it the price will come down and are afraid to lose its value. Here the role of Bitrust will be present, i.e., as a third party that will find a very professional trader are confident that the price of a specific altcoin or Bitcoin will increase much more with over time. After the contract agreement is created, you have to pay a service fee to the BTF with the Token Bitrust to get the insurance fund. After a certain period of time ends, Bitrust will pay a Token BTF to the professional traders in Exchange for his analysis.

With the presence of Bitrust, now investors and traders who are interested in investing with cryptocurrency the newly launched into the market will have the opportunity to protect themselves from losses. Significantly, of course, this can enhance the attractiveness of the currency markets against crypto, lowering the barrier to entry for new investors, increase the number of assets invested by the perpetrators of the current market, and increasing liquidity cryptocurrency.

ICO begins: 2 April 2018
ICO ends: June 2, 2018
The price of Tokens: 1 ETH = 10,000-13,000 BTF
Accept Payment: ETH, BTC, LTC
Purchase bonus: 10-30%
Soft Cap: 6000 ETH
Hard Cap: 12000 ETH

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