Bitsong – Create a New Revolutionary Brand Linked to Music Streaming

Bitsong – Project Bitsong-is one of the few projects that try to bring something unique and unusual in the blockchain-industry, namely, decentralization in the music industry.
Right now, a lot of businesses have been created and launched at the Ethereum blockchain. However, enterprises with solid fundamentals and progressive thoughts are a special case that moves forward even in this difficult economic situation. These undertakings convey an unusual stimulus to the market and to those who support these ideas in the process.
A list of these successful startups will replenish another interesting project. This enterprise extends another promising creation on the blockchain, except will allow decentralization in the gigantic existing branch, namely in the music industry. The name of this project is Bitsong.
Indeed, Bitsong is not yet another digital money enterprise but is one of those few businesses that are trying to bring some major changes to the world of technology. Since we generally think that most projects are aimed at monopoly and financial benefit, Bitsong has yet another task-to break this stereotype in most of the users.
The main advantages of the Bitsong platform:
 Download:
You will be able to download new songs for free and can seasonally create your own music channel on the platform Bitsong and get your own copyright sign, Bitsong which will help you become more popular in a relatively short time, as well as Gather their own audiences around the world.
 Sale:
Bitsong platform will help you to sell your songs to anyone and for any price, in addition, you will be able to receive bonuses from music fans to stay motivated and work more.
 Bonuses:
As a music lover, if you are interested in any song of any performer, you can support the artist by making him a so-called donation. Thanks to this you can get more music from your favorite artist on the platform Bitsong.
 Earnings:
You can also earn a Bitsong token while playing. On this platform, you can both earn tokens and sell your tokens at any time on the stock exchanges.
 Listening:
You can listen to your songs on any TV, smartphone or PC at any time from any point of the world. You can easily connect your TV, smartphone or PC to the platform Bitsong to play your songs.
 Sponsorship:
Bitsong allows you to sponsor your songs. On this platform, you can sponsor your own or any song to make it even better.
General conclusion about the Bitsong project
Bitsong As a musician, I think the Bitsong platform is a real godsend for the music industry. Personally, I and many music fans would like to have on their device application on which you can not only listen to music but also perform even such interesting features that I told in this article. I am very likely to say that the project will achieve its goals. With all the intricacies of the Bitsong project, you can read the links below. Thank you for your attention!

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