BitStash Marketplace is Where Members Can Buy or Sell New Items For Cryptocurrency

BitStash A blockchain is a record of exchanges that are assigned to the adoption of concentration centers in the system. This is a decentralized database of records of each and every exchange that has been executed, installed, and shared between members of the Blockchain block. Blockchains continue to work in common (P2P) systems where there is no focal server, and each of the hubs (PCS) in the system is responsible for maintaining honesty in the node. Innovation Blockchain uses cryptography as a way to allow anyone who is interested in the center in a P2P system to update the blockchain without requiring a coordination expert. Each hub maintains a summary of the entire blockchain, which is updated with each completed transaction. The big case of P2P-enterprise-Bitstash

About Bitstash
Bitstash is a distributed (P2P) crypto-commercial commercial center that allows buyers and sellers to buy or consume goods, goods or services. The Bitstash stage provides a basic and secure commercial center for customers who are flawlessly executed among themselves consistently and with the confidence and confidence that our escrow structure gives.

Bistash goals
The essential purpose of Bitstash is to create a sound eco-labeling and market. The fee for the dealer at absolute minimum was required to maintain the activity with only 3% exchange rate and 1% withdrawal. We believe that buyers, partners, and sellers will define Bitstash as one of the most used and advanced commercial centers available for bitcoin and cryptocurrency systems.

Market Review
Bitstash Commercial center Bitstash is a place where people can buy or offer new things for the cryptocurrency. At 100% free to join the commercial center Bitstash. As part of the bitstash, you will have a secure purse bitcoin and Jefirium, which will be used in your vacation. Bitstash expects it to be an important answer for finding trusted sellers who recognize cryptographic money and STASH tokens as installments. All sellers will offer quality creations on the site to ensure that buyers have quality tests on the stage. We have a 100% working stage, which currently lives and migrates commercial applications around the world.

Advantages of Bitstash
The minimum estimated costs for the Bitstash commercial center will not increase. In truth, they will just fight over time. The fee for the commercial center will not be monthly, but a maximum of 3% of the total request will be paid.
Accepted payments (bitcoin, Ethereum, STASH, etc.).
Currently, Bitstash can process a contribution to Bitcoin and Ethereum. After the crowd, Tim will try to build an internal trade and reconciliation of STASH markers.

Center of determination/return and return
The security of your digital currency is what we organize and consider important. Lack of trust in the Internet, especially in the digital monetary space; What is the reason that we have compiled and problematics our concept of escrow front line. This ensures that requests and payments for goods are transferred.
Advertising and placement of advertising in
Advertisements may be annoying from time to time, as it is possible, we have created a practical model in which commercial activity is constantly inside this commercial center. The publicist will be able to buy what will be called “advertising leaflets”. Promoters must use STASH tokens to start publishing.

The token STASH token is a token of the ERC20 utility in the Ethereum network. The reserve can be used for an exchange of commercial centers, bidding, payment of expenses, payment for promotion, and there is something else in the future. The name STASH was chosen in light of the fact that we represent Bitstash as well as the main commercial center, and trade for digital currency and shares.
STASH Token Details
Token name: Bitstash
Symbol: STASH
Total supply: 36 billion STASH
Protocol: Erc20
Seed financing: May 2018
To ICO: June 2018
Crowdsale: July 2018
Token value: 1 ETH = 600 000 STASH
STASH Current Distribution
Kroudasle: 66%
Team: 15%
Advisors & Bounty: 5%
Reserve Fund: 14%

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