When I first heard about cryptocurrencies, people say it will replace the fiat and the banking industry. Back then it seemed like a dream. But from the perspective of the present, that become a reality. One of the companies that make this a reality is BLOCKBANK.

BlockBank is the International Bank and will comply with the basic rules and regulations of international jurisdictions that blocks Banks do business.

BlockBank offers the ability to obtain a loan with minimal cost and taxes regardless of user location. Thanks to blockchain for making this technology can be achieved through innovative #blockchain

From my perspective this project that would directly compete with the conventional banking industry. I am not sure whether the system in place to make this work in the various countries but I’m eager to invest.

Why I chose to invest in BLOCKBANK

This morning, I went through the entire project, take a look at the website, I like the idea to share profits with the signs of the holder it is a good idea with a very strong security and completely transparent. This is a plus in a positive direction.

I must say here that the team for this project was a genius. It is about time that we have crypto banks around the world. Crypto currencies has begun to become part of many households. I also loved the part where we can be a partner bank of the block and get a Commission. It makes me feel confident that you already have an international banking license. This is indeed a very promising project.

I am sure by BlockBank features a faster transaction, transaction costs are low, security, transparency, certainty and the integrity of the data. All of the features required to be prosperous.

From block white paper the bank very transparent to the client in terms of transactions and services. Blockbank gives more benefits, guarantee security of investments and long-term goal basis on their road map. Overall Bank block is the best place where your investment is safe and make a profit for it.

Summary ICO Blockbank

Blockbank low cost transactions, irrevocable and transparency and quick transactions, security and integrity in the projects is assured. Quality is very important to the success of the crypto and Token. Blockbank specific to the society we live in, this will turn Cryptoworld. This is a great project.

I learned of this project and the team behind this project and I can tell anyone that this project is the best among the token now, the team behind the project was very active and ready to work for the progress of the project and I’m calling on all people in the community to tell us sup Port this great project. I hope this great project and the team behind the successful and me and my friends, we are in support of the project 100%.

Just to add here: as the main benefit of decentralized distributed through technology Blockchain ledger. Blockbank will take advantage of it by being a decentralized banking system which can provide people with loans and offer other banking services, even if they do not have access to traditional Bank accounts.

The success of the ICO’s best for November. Success


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