BlooCYS A Revolutionary Decentralised Platform for Hiring Professionals for Consultancy Services

Bloocys  – Good day, dear friends! Today our conversation will go about such direction, as modern technologies and training. All right, let’s go. An important aspect is that in the current world and the level of technology development more and more preference is given to computers and smartphones. This is not surprising, because these gadgets are constantly accompanied us in everyday life and we can not imagine life without a cell phone or the same laptop. This, on the one hand, is bad, because people can not adapt to work without this technique. But as it is not strange, this technique can be just as very useful to mankind. Now for a second imagine that the same phone, which seemed to serve for entertainment can actually be a full-fledged counselor and even a teacher. How can that be, you ask? And everything is simple, first I want to introduce to you one project that I met the other day. And then I’ll talk about everything in more detail. And so, meet the project, which is called Bloocys. We’ll talk about him now.

About the project:
Bloocys – In its essence, this project is engaged in the implementation of a platform, where users could simply teach other users. That is, at the expense of this project, people will be able to hire for training other people, let’s say, professionals of the business. These people will be able to teach you everything you need. Bloocys  The main thing is to find the person who knows it and can teach you. This training can take place by means of a smartphone and thus in real time with video, which is very convenient and allows not only to tell, but also to show. And this is a very important element in the learning process.

This project is very distinguished in front of all, as it gives the opportunity to the clever people to earn extra money in their spare time, as well as to produce training or advice where you are comfortable, which is an integral part of This project. At the expense of this, the service is provided at a high level and with good quality.

An important factor is that this project is not built on a centralized platform, but on the very fact that there is no decentralized platform. Decentralization is achieved through the use of technologies such as blockchain. At the expense of this technology, the safety and transparency of this sphere are achieved as well. In this case, the smart contracts will be applied on this project, through which all possible transactions on this project will be executed.
Now let’s highlight a couple of important aspects of this direction:

1. The project will present a list of all the professionals who will be able to teach you the necessary things, and you can see the rating of data people on the project and pick up what you really need.
2. Training is conducted both in real time and in various other possible conditions. That is, you can even record videos that would hone their skills obtained during training.
3. As has been said, smart contracts will perform an important role that would eliminate fraud in the production of payments.

Detail Ico :
The platform token will have the name: CYS.
The price per unit of this CYS token will be 1 CYS = $0.10.
The minimum target of sales will be: $5,000,000
The maximum target of sales will be $40,000,000 $.

Bloocys is a revolutionary achievement in the field of consulting services for freelancers. This will not only enable freelance experts to earn more and reach a wider potential market but will also allow customers to leverage the expertise of highly professional professionals with just one click.

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