Bloocys – Challenges in Finding Genuine Experts

Bloocys  – Agree that our present day is hard to imagine without a smartphone. Each of us uses it voluntarily, someone more on work, someone with the help of it has an opportunity to communicate with friends and close to it people, and someone can do with it all that will want, for example, to order food, to buy goods, to execute Tickets to the movies or just call a taxi Uber. All this became so accessible and habitual that we no longer wonder about it and are content with it as data. This is so because we are modern people and we quickly know how to adapt to the modern benefits of humanity.
And what if I tell you today about a project that wants to make your life more saturated, functional and useful. Intrigued? Then I will not languish you with expectations and gladly tell you about the project Bloocys.
About the project
Bloocys is nothing more than an application that is based on Uber technology, only organized on a blockchain. This application is designed to make you only two clicks to contact any specialist you are interested in, whether it is some teacher of English, makeup or IT, specialist. Thus, Bloocys will allow you to contact a specialist from any field in real time, so that you can get a high-quality and timely professional help.
Will you agree with me that this idea is simply unique? The most convenient thing is that you can use the services of Bloocys anywhere, regardless of whether you are at home, at work, café or in the park. Bloocys not only intends to provide you with a high level and speed of execution of your application, so that you, as a user, can quickly get feedback from a specialist, but also give different experts the opportunity to get additional income. In simple language, this platform is ideal for all sides.
Bloocys Benefits
Previously, we had to spend too much time to find a suitable specialist who could solve a particular issue. Now Bloocys offers us a new economic model by which millions of people can easily use all the necessary professional assets, as well as use them for further growth.
The presence of the same blockchain technology will allow Bloocys to use all types of interaction between consumers and experts, transparent, safe and free from any third parties. This way everything will be fair, reliable and open. And thanks to this, everyone can with the help of his smartphone and fingertips, find the best expert in a particular area, in just a few seconds.
Especially since these experts have long wanted to change their dull schedule of labor weekdays for:
And this is no surprise, as the market of freelancers is growing every year all over the world. In only one America, this sector accounts for more than 35% of the workforce. It’s amazing!
But to get into the number of these experts, Bloocys developers also intend to use the innovations of the 21st century and with the help of blockchain technology to check the professional skills and experience of each expert, expert or professional. Bloocys  All this is necessary only to exclude any negative experience of user interaction with “bad expert”. As the reputation for bloocys is very important and the Platform intends to act as a reliable helper. And because of the negative moments, the reputation of bloocys can be very hard to suffer and no longer be trusted by other users. Therefore, to prevent this, the developers of Bloocys intend to expose each expert to a serious test for the authenticity of his statements.

Before the idea of creating a Bloocys, the founders analyzed the entire world market and realized that there was a big problem in finding a truly qualitative and genuine expert who would be well versed in what he was doing and could give Excellent advice or recommendation to a regular user, in return for a small fee. If you recall, but by the old-fashioned similar experts we are looking through our browsers in the search bar. But do we always come across exactly who we need? The answer is no. And how much you have it usually takes time. The answer is a lot.
It was because of such uncomfortable moments that the natural need for such an application as Bloocys was formed.
Bloocys  The entire BLOOCYS system is decentralized and built on the basis of blockchain Ethereum (ERC-20). With their own markers and smart contracts, developers have managed to significantly reduce all operational and service charges in order to bring even more benefit to all platform members. Also within the platform will be available Bloocys Wallet with which you can buy, transfer and store their coins all the developers intend to release 1 billion coins CYS. The initial cost of which will be $0.10 for one CYS coin. You will be able to buy this token using ETH. Now there is an active part of the sale of tokens and it will last until the January 2019 year.
Conclusion : 
Bloocys  I consider such platform unique and very necessary in our world. After all, you can only in a few movements to contact any specialist, medical, technical, veterinary or some other character. Everything is done easily, quickly, conveniently, and most importantly transparently and safely. I believe the project Bloocys will definitely take its place in the market of blockchain projects and will become number one.
So, friends who have long been looking for a similar resource or would like to recommend themselves as an expert or specialist of a particular area, then Bloocys for you. And to get acquainted with all the details of bloocys in more detail, I recommend studying all the information from the official sources of the project.

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