Blue Frontiers We Build Sustainable Floating Islands With Unique Governing Frameworks

Blue Frontiers – With the year 2009 Blockchain technology was effectively incorporated into all aspects of our lives. Starting with simple games, adventure, security, shopping and, perhaps most importantly, the financial area began to exercise seriously. A growing trend in this area is beginning to have some security issues. And people began to look for ways to improve security in the face of serious investments that led to Blockchain technology. This technology has been able to find solutions in the field of security, fraud with fraud and many other problems that made digital money market safer. Of course, it’s worth it. And every new ico requires the cost of labor and work, some of which operate at a very low price.

Varyon token information
Seasteading Institute, President of Seavangelist in the year 2017, a former Polynesian Government people and French businessman, Blue, Polynesian company Frontiers.
Centralizing the basic structural nature of the current model of Government. Too much central power leads to bureaucratic and inefficient reporting people who want to serve. With the help of appropriate technological solutions to Governments ready to centralize. A technological solution. To maintain the ecological well-being of the first environmental assessment framework development. This structure focuses on the ecological integration of floating structures and relates to the relevance of local ecosystems from conceptual design to construction and operation throughout the project life cycle. This frames-based advice on the design used in the design process.

Vision Blue Frontiers:
encourage people to develop a conscious and balanced settlement in waters. We can be at peace with the environment Wednesday. Joint work with ecosystem focused on developing water resources and water to create a Habitat for marine life Wednesday. Offering various possibilities for analysis and decisions of various life forms. Examination of biomimetic research has spread to achieve this extremely ambitious goal. Working close together, you can quickly remove your existing knowledge and develop new skills. To provide some information about the tokens.

Vary (VAR) is a symbol of the payment for the exchange of goods and services between ecosystem Blue Frontier, other ecosystems and the holders of tokens. Blue Frontiers plans to use the proceeds to expand its ecosystem and create SeaZones and SeaStead and will only accept Varyon (VAR) for their products and services.

A public sale will take place in June. There will be no bonus for ticket sales.
1 ETH 14 750 VAR.

Team members Varyon made their projects at the highest level within the framework of the effective work of highly qualified people. The project has significant precautions when performing the various requirements and in accordance with the expectations of the participants. In this direction would be nice to say that the platform will be a high-level project Varyon. Yes, this is all that we have to tell you in General. Please do not forget to visit the links below to get detailed information about the project.

The Blue Frontiers ICO
The project’s White Paper, currently being re-issued, will reflect Varyon’s operating conditions, as well as the specific terms and conditions of the sale – This post, will be updated accordingly.
For now, only the presale is accessible. This stage tends to be aimed at big investors (the entry ticket is 40 ETH , about 30 000 USD)
However, it is now possible to register to be included in the White List to acquire Varyons from the opening of the public sale, May 25. The applied rate will be 1 ETH = 14 750 VAR
The soft cap is set at 4000 ETH , the hard cap at 22 000 ETH.
These relatively reasonable amounts could involve a quick sale and some difficulty getting tokens, especially since a pre-registration is required and the project is particularly attracting the attention of several large investors, as the subject is innovative and rich in potentiality.

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