BOONTECH Solving The Biggest Problems In Job Marketplace

BOONTECH is the basic unit of account on Boon Coin blockchain. All other tokens get its value from the value of the BOON. In General, the BOON to be held for a short period of liquidity really needed someone who wants to enter or exit the platform Boon Tech to buy or sell a BOON. So BOON was purchased, it should be converted into Boon Dollars (BD) to reduce the impact of dilution against the long term. For example, someone who bought a Bitcoin or other Criptocurrency and sell them
It was ten days later could easily lost 3% or more due to price fluctuations. Some one who buy and then sell the Bitcoin on the same day will usually pay more than 0.4% in the market only. In other words, the rate of inflation is effectively not significant during the period of time a typical individual will hold the Bitcoin.

The Power Coins Boon
Boon Coin realized that the value of all user participation is greater than the number of
of its parts. A single participant is not worth anything, but millions of participants work hard for the success of the platform is worth billions of dollars.

Participants single give a little quantitative values, but has millions of users is
a very effective strategy.

Because everyone gets the benefits, everyone participated. People tend not to leave the platform, unlike all the platform-based currency today, because of the cost of the transaction. In other words, there is no individual users are expected to pay
Regardless, but it should be paid for all the things that they do which brings value to Boon Tech Platform.

In the search for hiring the best talent, entrepreneurs are very focused on who should pay that they missed a real fact: everyone benefit from the contribution of each, so everyone should pay or no one will have to pay, depending on how you look at it. . Platform Tech micro payments past the Boon completely because when an entrepreneur hiring and paying a freelancer, all parties involved (entrepreneurs, freelancers and public) benefit.

Employers get a good job, plus earn rewards. The more capital they spend in the platform produces Entrepreneurs earn more rewards.Recipient of the freelancers are paid once only and is appreciated. The more work they do through platform Boon Tech, the more profit the freelancer.
Society increasingly compelled to add capital to the platform Boon Tech.
Mental energy associated with Economic Decision making becomes a barrier to the participation of the majority of the people. For example, the thought of handing over 20% Earnings just to be given a job was seen as a barrier to take the job. In addition, the cost of $25 just to bid on task ( too much to be asked to someone who has a little money (hence why they were at the site of entry of the first position).

Every freelancer on fiat platform that there want to directly work with Employers after they build trust to avoid membership fees, service fees and late payments. The existing platform has a window period for freelancers to get paid., for example, has a window period of 30 days. That means a freelancer paid for his job after 30 days he completed his job.
The ratio of returns entrepreneurs and freelancers far beyond all this fiat-based platform because of these factors. Boon platforms Tech, entrepreneurs and freelancers are dihargakan to return to the platform to get the award.

The more they are involved in the platform, the more money and rewards they get.
The concept of forcing users maintaining the balance of the minimum flows naturally from the values of the user. Anyone who runs a business knows that every user has a significant value. Business spending anywhere from $30 to $200 to get the user. Sometimes they pay users directly, other times they pay to do advertising. Sometimes the whole company was bought just for their user base. After the company’s acquisition of users, they often give them a lot of free services to maintain it long enough to make money through some other means.

Ripple using a balance scale with minimum use of resources account and require a new account funded with at least the minimum balance. Currently, the minimum balance is about $0.15 of $0.10 which we expect will allow a person to Transact freely at least once per week.

Blockchain can impose a minimum value per user through a simple process that requires a minimum balance. Any business that wants to bring new customers to the blockchain previously could fund that user account with minimum balance it
will allow them to Transact. Cost is relatively large ($1.00) to join will naturally determine the quality and uniqueness of each account before registering them with the blockchain.

Keep a minimum balance is effectively equal to make users pay transaction costs with interest they can get from their balance. Minimum balance is simply the balance required to earn interest is sufficient to pay the cost of
in a relatively short time.

Fortunately, the minimum balance required could be as low as a dollar, and this is something that can be understood and appreciated by users. The opportunity cost for lost interest not to cause cognitive costs of micro and costs much more acceptable to users.

Payment Distribution
One of the main purposes of the recognition system is generating discussion Coin Boon is the best on the internet. Each year 10% of the market capitalisation of Boon Coin distributed to major contributors. Bitcoin on the size, this could be as much as $1.75 million dollars a day given to top contributors. The actual distribution will depend on market capitalization, but we imagine that most of the prizes will be distributed to workers who are the loudest.

Zipf’s law is one of empirical rules that characterize a variety of surprising real-world phenomena very well. It is said that if we order a large collection based on size or popularity, the second element in the collection will be measuring half of the size of the first, and the third will be measuring a third of the size of the first, and so on. . In General, items with a thousandth of the ranking will measure approximately 1/k from the first.

Take the contribution as a measure of the value of the rough, then the value of each item is given by law Zipf. That is, if we have a million items, then the most popular 100 will donate one-third of the total value, the other one-third of 10,000 more, and the rest 989,900 on the last third. The value of “n” items collection is proportional to log (n).

The economic effect of this is similar to a lottery in which people overestimate their probability to get votes. So they do more work than the expected reward value and thus maximizing the amount of work performed community service.

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