BRAVO Pay Instant, Secure and Anonymous Mobile Payments

Bravo is a new software that you can use to send and receive payments using KRIPTOKONVERSIJ and blockchain technology. By creating a generation that requires fast service, Bravo is one of the best ways to make payments in a safe but anonymous way.

What is Bravo?
Bravo is a software that has been made since 2015 and until now. It was first created in the US market with fixed currency (USD), but the company decided to launch its own token, and in 2019 the new update will make the software available for use with the technology blockchain icons BVO Will be launched in the upcoming pre-release coins that the company has planned, and they will work on their own company platform.

How does the Bravo Blockchain password encryption application work?
Bravo can be used by the rollover industry, for P2P payments and even for traders who use microtransactions or to settle debts. There are many options. According to the information on the company’s website, the software is extremely friendly and fast to use, and it is inexpensive because you only need to pay 2% each time you use Bravo has its own API for developers who want to create Third-party applications and are safe for users. Plan platform expands the market platform using an existing community. Thus, the company intends to create a stable community in addition to what has been built in the three years that Bravo works and helps its customers move money around the world.

Bravo ICO Details:
The upcoming sale of Bravo tokens has not yet been specified, but it has already been published that the company had 1 000 000 000 tokens BOV for sale. The funds will be mainly used in software development (45%), marketing (20%), reserves (20%), operating expenses (9%), legal expenses (3%) and other smaller themes (3%). Each BVO token will cost 0.10 USD and you will need to whiten using the “Know Your Customer” and “money laundering” procedure before investing it is important to note that although the company is based in the United States, American citizens are not May participate in sales due to current legislation. Citizens from Canada, Singapore, and China are also banned in the ICO.

Bravo Team and Partners
The Bravo team is led by Maria del Sarmen Luna (co-founder and chief Executive officer) and Dr. Hector Rodriguez-Luna (co-founder and chief operating officer). Other important members of the team are Elmer Morales (WHO), Stephen Cornejo (product manager) and Vitaly Marusenko (community manager). Other key members include Paul Nguyen (lead architect Blokchejnov), Tanmej Prognosis (lead programmer of the Bloc), Robert Lunni (CFO) and Adam Swanton (director of a client strategy). The partners of Bravo are Techcrunch Macworld, Observer, ABC and Phoenix business magazine.

Conclusion : 
Bravo This is like a good investment in case you want to use the services of this company. Since this is most likely to be a token utility it will not be the one you buy for sale at a higher price later, but to get discounts when using the services of Bravo, so the main factor that you have to consider is that you Really interested in the services offered by this company or not.

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