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Buddy Which of the trends of the online development market today develops better all? Of course, there are many, but one of the leaders in the market mobile applications. People tend to make the functionality of applications easier, and at the same time, more convenient. And it is important that the application responds to all of its tasks. According to the forecasts of the company Statista, the capitalization of this market area in a couple of years will be at least 200 billion US dollars. For this industry to develop more dynamically, development teams need a tool that will automate the design process as much as possible. But it’s not ready yet. Even now, the implementation of one DEVOPS project (from concept to final testing) has its own problems. Team Buddy decided to help their colleagues in the workshop to cope with some of the challenges of the industry.

What is this project?
Buddy is a distributed system for a team of developers. It works decentralized and allows you to automate many DevOps processes. Monetization of labor results is also a plus. Tools in a wide range and convenient functionality are irreplaceable at the stages of product production and testing-saving a lot of resources and time. The central task of the team is to create an automatic, working process when creating new applications, including dialogue between programmers and interested users, if possible.

Let’s take a closer look at the toolkit project.
One of the very important is the PipeLine tool. It is essentially an algorithm for recording developer steps. Which in the consequence can be reproduced again. You can view the statistics by editing the current projects. Also very interesting and SandBoxes. This tool allows you to perform the entire testing process even without having servers.

Integration is a tool for interacting with platforms such as Google Cloud platform, Github, Microsoft Azure and many more. The details of all functionality and its features are described in official sources of information.
There are three main directions over which the project team works. Let’s dwell on them and study more carefully. Shared Automation GRID is a network that Predastavljaet computing power, but is not private. It is usually necessary when there are no privacy requirements. The user who participates in this network is rewarded with coins of the system. In addition, there is the possibility of renting out computing capacity, while earning certain funds.

Private Automation GRID-This is nothing more than a private network that provides the computing power of other machines to the team of developers for the duration of work. It is completely private and well protected. Personal equipment and Computer Park of other companies are not applied in it. GRID connections, particularly Google Cloud, are used for reliability.

DevOps Marketplace is a tool akin to a market and library hybrid. Developers will be able to publish here sources, descriptions of algorithms and so on. Probably, as well as on a gratuitous basis, it is possible for the money. This component is also available to users – this is a third party. Here you can interact with the developer and the user who can use the application. For the use of the platform and work with plugins of the system will be removed payment in favor of the teams that are developing projects. The products are well protected by the service security from Software Reliability Lab and operate on the basis of smart contracts.
In addition, the platform involves the organization of blockchain and tools for the design of smart contracts.

Details ICO.
Coin Marker: BUD
Private sale: 15.06.2018-15.07.2018 G.
Pre-sale Period: 23.07.2018 G. – 30.07.2018 G.
Main sale: 01.08.2018-29.10.2018 G.
Equivalent: 1bud = 0.0002 ETH
Soft Cap: 8000 ETH
Hard cap: 60 000 ETH
A total number of coins: 670 million. Not sold – destroyed.

How will be distributed:
60 percent-Go on sale
20%-collective fees (reserve for 12 months) 15%-reserve Fund (reserve for 1 month) 4%-payment of advisors and Bounty
1 percent-directed to community needs (distributed between system members)

Use of coins.
The system will have only one token of coins – BUD. The standard Jefirium is based. With this token, users can make payments within the system, be able to sell algorithms and applications, can rent computing power or vice versa to rent, getting paid for it. Consensus will allow the selection of priorities in development. Poor quality products will be removed from DevOps.

Buddy To participate or not is your business, but it seems to me both interesting and promising direction. The idea is quite good, the realization I hope will not be behind. The main Trump of the project is the team. Employees have already been developed in the framework of past projects and have accumulated experience. Advisers and consultants are also on the rumor. This is encouraging. The team’s approach to the project is quite interesting. Perfectly documented all the technical details of the project, given a full description. All information is publicly available.The project is gaining popularity. This is evidenced by the number of participants in the chat in Telegram (over 100 thousand people).

Website : https://token.buddy.works
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