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BUGLAB – Let’s imagine this situation. You are a successful young man who progressively develops, decided to start his own enterprise. Yes you have a business is successful and you have a great profit with it, what can be better you say. But one day you go to work with a great mood and learn that your computers hacked hackers and stole very valuable information. Because of this valuable information you have a very important contract and starts living hell, the income of the enterprise falls and you suffer losses, God forbid that you could in any way solve this problem, but I happen to be a case, that kind of such simple things, Whole enterprises are closed. You ask a question, but the same can happen to everyone and no one is insured for 100% of hackers hacking, but there is no way out there and I present you a delightful project Buglab, which will protect your company from hacking and save your valuable information, which stored on your computers.

We present you buglab
The Buglab platform Associates organizations with information security need with a community of certified Pentesterov in a motivating environment where testers rewarded for detecting system vulnerabilities ranked by Risks and potential impacts. Work is done on speed. It is important that identifying unique vulnerabilities is evaluated higher than simply providing a list of problems.

How the Buglab platform works.
Everything here is very simple and clear. The client passes registration on a platform, further tells about itself, what is engaged, and tells about the product and what services it renders. He then concludes the contract for the contest by selecting his terms. The client can set a different level of competition closure, the desired type of management and remuneration, the level of which depends on the chosen plan and the voluntary bonus. Buglab The client can then select Pentesterov from the Community list. Pentesterov can be selected by several criteria, such as country and area of expertise. The Buglab platform also defines suitable Pentesterov using its own recommendation engine. The start date of the contest is always assigned by you.

This system motivates each Pentestera first to open as many vulnerabilities and get the highest ball. Each vulnerability is assigned a score in points. The problem, not identified earlier, is assigned to the highest ball. Also, there is a rating Pentesterov, the more and faster performs tasks, the more gets balls. respectively and higher rating. You will be able to choose the rating Pentesterov. You can also monitor the progress of tasks in real time.
The figure below shows three types of service.

The main features of the Buglab platform:
 Open competition. After the company has submitted the general information and has launched the contest, the community receives a public invitation to participate in it.
 Closed competition. Customers can choose a number of Pentesterov from the community for the contest or attract a proven team from a well-known Kiberbezopasnoti company.
 Filter for selection. When holding a closed competition, customers have the opportunity to choose Pentesterov by several criteria, such as country, points, qualification, etc.
 Sorting system. Before you appear on the customer dashboard, the vulnerabilities reported in the reports pass through our sorting system, where eliminated replays. The client receives notifications only about reports that are relevant to him.
 Reports. The company receives reports on the results of its contests. This allows you to get a summary of the results of each contest, and the client can graphically compare the security of their assets and evaluate the process.
 Self-management. The company is provided with a choice of three types of competition management.
 List of leaders. The information panel indicates the rating of Pentesterov, according to their experience and results on the platform.
 Chat. Each vulnerability report is an opportunity to communicate with Pentesterami and get help from them to resolve the issue.

Buglab is really something interesting and necessary, thanks to their platform you can be quiet for your enterprise without fear that someone will be able to hack your system. It would be great if you supported the project because this project is very important, it will save time, money and your nerves, as well as create additional jobs.

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