BugLab Cybersecurity Penetration Testers in an Incentivized Environment

BugLab – Many modern businesses, which often use crypto and apply them to perform workflows, are the victims of hacking the system. After this situation, there is a need to find reliable remedies to avoid re-entering fraudulent schemes. Cybersecurity-it is quite a progressive segment, there are many professionals, ready to perform the task qualitatively, but most often, companies are difficult to find such specialists, it requires serious temporary, as well as financial Cost.
Only nonlinear development of the cybersecurity market will allow companies to find the ideal ways to protect important information in their ecosystems. In, fact today fraudsters use different ways to take possession of user data or means. Specialists can not systematically develop their means of protection-it is impossible to get accurate data on the number of cyber, in most situations the victims refuse to advertise what happened. They think that insignificant information will not affect the launch of a certain product. The creators of the decentralized Buglab project are confident that they have managed to find the optimal solution to the existing problems.
Features Buglab
Participants of the Buglab project will be able to find qualified specialists who are ready to fight cyber. There are several important characteristics that must be considered by all interested in the Buglab project:
Initially, it is necessary to fill in a standard questionnaire to provide general information-this approach allows you to choose the optimal solutions individually;
Each client of the project can use all features of decentralized platform Buglab-pick up specialists individually, or invite whole groups that have already worked with many well-known companies;
When choosing specialists can take into account several criteria, this approach guarantees a competent solution based on personal preferences;
After carefully checking the existing flaws, customers receive detailed reports, which allows you to quickly correct the work of their projects, eliminate any errors found;
The obtained results can be used to understand the level of security of your project. The competition inside the platform also allows to provide a huge selection of specialists-this is an honest rating based on the results of their work;
There are open contests, managed by the client. Any experts can participate-they leave their reports, can challenge ratings received from customers. Developers of the decentralized platform Buglab try to quickly consider any controversial moments;
The informative panel which is accessible to all clients of Buglab, displays ratings of experts. Everyone can see the results of their work, consider the most appropriate options;
Blockchain, as well as intellectual contracts, allow to guarantee the safety of cooperation. No fraudulent schemes, all performed safely and promptly;
Ability to communicate directly with professionals who are ready to help eliminate any problems found in reports.
The developers of the Buglab platform believe that their project is a real necessity, given the low level of existing protection systems. Today, fraudsters often kidnap huge amounts of classified information, using the simplicity and imperfection of protective mechanisms based on centralized programs.
To whom the Buglab project will be the most interesting
It is necessary to allocate at once 3 categories of users which can find benefit from Buglab:
Representatives of the middle as well as small business. This is a great opportunity to save significantly, but at the same time to find the ideal protection mechanisms for existing information;
Companies that are engaged in the development of protective systems. They will be able to get truthful statistics to improve existing products, to create innovative solutions with the use of accurate data;
Hackers who are willing to help, not harm people. This is a great opportunity to get serious earnings using your own skills. The specialists who are ready to find mistakes in firms, help the owners with their elimination will be able to monetize efforts. This approach is mutually beneficial for the parties.

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