CAPVERTO Exchange An Innovative ICO for the Unbanked

Capverto Exchange Existing banking systems are significantly outdated, people have to deal with huge commissions and weak security of funds. But Capverto developers offer an innovative open source solution based on Blokchejne. This is a huge virtual bank, the basis of which is blockchain. All users of the project will be able to feel its advantages immediately after registration. The developers believe that it is Capverto will be able to solve any existing problems faced by clients of centralized banks.

What Capverto offers
We will highlight the key aspects that can attract investors to such a young and promising project:

Maximum Guarantees
Existing services cannot guarantee their customers quality protection of funds. In this case, users often become victims of fraud. But the introduction of blockchain allows to drastically eliminate the existing problem. Any interactions within the project will be documented in smart contracts to avoid problems with theft of funds or personal data.

Receiving Virtual bank cards
Yes, the developers are confident that this financial instrument will be able to maintain its effectiveness. Capverto Exchange But in this case, the card allows you to use cryptocurrency and finance funds. You just need to decide what card you want for it you can pay dollars and get an adequate amount of cryptocurrency. In this case, you will not have any restrictions-pay your purchases in stores, browse your favorite products on the Internet. Each transaction will allocate at once 2% of the funds spent on further development of service. In addition, you can note the availability of bonus programs from sellers who are partners in the project Capverto.

Credit Systems
Are you the owner of a certain amount of cryptocurrency, but never use all your resources? Let them earn! It is enough just to provide funds on credit-it will allow you to count not only on the receipt of substantial profit but also on the timely return of funds.
The system is unique and really profitable not only for the creditors themselves, the borrowers get the opportunity to acquire the required amount with minimum interest.

Traders Experience
Within the Capverto platform will be presented a special section in which newcomers can view the solutions of experienced traders. They can be used to get a starting profit and disassemble with the peculiarities of Capverto. Newcomers will have to pay for the use of someone else’s experience, Capverto Exchange some of these funds will also be spent on upgrading the Capverto platform itself.

Insurance issues
Cryptocurrency today is rapidly developing, which led to the emergence of a huge number of fraudulent schemes. Users often lose their money, carelessly dealing with problems. But the developers of the decentralized platform Capverto offer an excellent option to fill the insurance. The funds will be reliably protected from foreign encroachments.

Intellectual contracts
It is a modern technology used by a huge number of platforms on Blokchejne. Smart Contract is an excellent opportunity for those looking for fraud protection. After all, any transaction is negotiated at the initial stage, and the intellectual contract is a guarantee of its fulfillment.

No intermediaries
Another very important problem that users of centralized banks often face. There is too much commission to perform transactions-but Capverto allows you to avoid additional costs. In this case, users will have to pay only minimal commission for the work of the exchange, so that it could further develop.

Capverto Exchange If you have already sorted out the cryptocurrency segment and are trying to find a platform for further development-Capverto will be the ideal solution. It has everything you need for traders, as well as people who are willing to earn money. You will be able to make profitable deals, to provide your funds on a credit-each person will be able to understand what strategy of earnings is the most modern and effective.

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