CARDSTACK — Creating a centralized Software Ecosystem

CARDSTACK  was open-source frameworks and protocols of consensus which created a centralized software ecosystem that can challenge the power of super digital these days, making a chain of blocks can be used and measured for the mass market.In other words, making the leap to a chain of blocks on each floor of the software stack, revolutionary experiences add Cardstack makes technology usable blocks chains and measurable; creating a centralized software ecosystem that can compete with digital platforms. Centralized technology drive us to the silo and capture the value we create. Technology centric early, like the bitcoin, promising block chaining, but also beneficial to the bad guys.

Cardstack allows users of their Centre acts as a dominant; so that interaction with the applications and services running on a different topology networks flows through the software stack is controlled by the user.

The concepts that make up the problem field is mainly:
The period of the App Store changed software features into native applications that are independent; These applications generally do not communicate with each other and the other wants to choose from a few of the features that overlap to form a user’s workflow.

While floating on a cloud software, users need to manage multiple subscriptions to the products of the software as a service (SaaS) cloud-based and selecting the right plan for optimizing the costs for all the features it needs.
The emergence of a decentralized application blocks and chains (dApps) has made it difficult for users to obtain and manage service for any function symbols that make up the software stack.

In the Cardstack approach
Redirect vertical silos to a horizontal layer, which is layer of decentralized Internet experience, enabling local apps, cloud applications, and the bloc dApps chaining becomes a pile of software of the future that combines the best features of each approach in the age of software.
In addition, the blend of the decentralized Internet experience, the blockade, an intelligent user devices and the cloud had learned working with multiple applications across devices, cloud and chain blocks to fully meet their needs. Human creativity will continue to close the gap left by technology.

Cardstack solution in this case is:
Cardstack creates a new layer of experience that helps users organize their interactions in Apps (d) while maintaining the collective market acceptance of centralized technology epistemis in the ecosystem.

In short, the new orchestration approach to put the user at the Center and let them act like their own centre; so the interaction with applications and services occurs through the software stack that is controlled by the user.

In addition, the settings needed to coat the decentralized internet experience can be done intuitively by suggesting the next movement flow with respective card chained by changing each application state be the visual setting of the relevant information.

Process focus software ecosystem behind the stacks of cards are having a centralized internet experience can be done little by little by letting the public cloud services changed when ready to replace the chain block.

Features business card
With the Cardstack, end users can mix and match features from multiple applications or DAPP without worrying about the complexities of a cloud or subscriptions markers separate services. The more interesting again: this system allows the user to design the new workflow very recently to participate in the services of the various layers of the Internet; This would not have been possible in a world centered.

This discovery was made possible by the associative design paradigm that makes Cardstack became expandable units, embedded, embedded, chained, triggered, versioned, cloned Primate, approved, revoked, or permanently logged into a piece of card . In a decentralized world, your data must be in the network or the sovereign wishes.

Developers can use the Cardstack Framework, a comprehensive SDK to create applications-based strong card blockage. Wake up anything by using modular and container story discovery. Easily create custom workflows using the Cardstack Hub, which regulates the transfer of data and values in some chain blocks and clouds. Use prebuilt functions as an index of searchable, real-time notification, licensing of users uniform distribution, flexible containers, and much more. Everything can be upgraded and 100% open source.

This contract is governed by the ecosystem intelligent supported by Cardstack Token (CARD), an indicator of ERC20 with Wireshark. The CARD is not just old Cryptography: specially designed to create a sustainable market where open source developers are highly valued, allowing users to incorporate and combine the perfect blend of service software that suits their needs.

When a user uses the card, he created the smart contract between the user and the selected application before entering the pool of prizes. Based on anonymous usage data is tracked by the contract, the icon is collected and then distributed on a regular basis to content creators and contributors to the application in accordance with the payment model is algorithmic and dynamic governance in hand the community.

Like other crypto currency CARD, users can be a miner to verify transactions and get a reward. However, unlike the Bitcoin, forcing miners to solve math problems that do not work, miners Cardstack analysis make the system be fair and flexible help calculate who pays award functions whatever required to generate unsolicited mail. The results of the analytical miners compete in the rating scheme is called analytic proof, so the award algorithm never being under the control of one party.

Advantages of Cardstuck
For the end user
Mix and match several applications dApps and clouds
Create a workflow and a combination of amazing new applications using the Cardstack Hub
Use the token (CST) who made a pact with the detention of all the services you need
Let your data to dominate or within easy reach with our card-based user experience
Quick start with the Fiat currency: cryptographic expertise not required

For developers
Use a comprehensive SDK to create applications that are very good and beautiful
Access the library in the function pop-up strong
Fix Your application experience with using off-chain aggregation Cardstack
This is paid fairly by the payment algorithm and governance which is operated by the community.
Get a refund for the cost of Your materials.
Keep things 100% open source.

For analytic miners
Do work that is useful to empowerment-based algorithm, which gives a fair distribution of wealth
Help protect your systems from extreme wicked doers, and spam
Fill out the card as the eBoard can be rolled back into the system to eco
The rating scheme is balanced with blocking the only parties that control the functionality of the award

Cardstack provides a set of tools that unlock the potential of the Internet is decentralized to all people — a leap for a chain of blocks on each floor of the software stack.

Application Frame
Cardstack Framework is a comprehensive SDK to create application blocking strong and consistent. Basically, there’s a Hub Cardstack set up data transfer and value on some chain blocks and clouds.

Protocol negotiation
DApps powered cards can touch the Tally Protocol, which gives the power to create a daPP complicated calculations to set up a large network of users, such as collecting payment, counting the votes and reward good work.

The Token Of The Ecosystem
Developers can obtain the Cardstack based applications through smart contracts supported by the Cardstack Token (CST), the symbol of the ERC20 based on the Ethereum, designed to give a fair award to community based Cardstack.

Token Card Promotion
This was the catalyst for the global movement towards sustainable software market that is built on the open source code that is supported by the economics of crypto. Token Card details under latest reviews and will soon be published. This includes information about the criteria the pre-allocation and fund raising mechanism.

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