CASHBAG Micropayments Platform To Get Cash Back And Discount For Online Purchases Based Blockchain

CASHBAG Retail e-commerce sales will rise from $1.095 trillion in 2016 be $4.058 trillion in 2020, which generate 14.6% of total retail spending in that year. The user base of unique crypto wallet has evolved into more than 5.8 million unique users in the year 2017, between the Ethereal and the Bitcoin itself there are more than 31 million unique purse and a total market capitalization of crypto-korea exceeded $160 Billion in October 2017. in decentralized economy, democratization (not concentrate) ownership through incentive creating value,
About CashBag:
CashBag is an aggregator of refunds transactional that enables consumers to obtain discounts and cash for shopping and transacting online at thousands of participating global traders. For each transaction, get money back CashBag members collected by participating merchants from CashBag, received into the wallets of members and paid in cash to a bank account or PayPal.
CashBag is more than just a web site awards, these are the tools that help the shopper who was aware and conscious to get money back and get discounts for online purchases. This is used by the active online shoppers, business and almost everyone interested to shop when shopping online.
Cashbag Benefits:
Safe and comfortable Platfrom for shopping
easy ordering/purchasing
can use a variety of payment such as paypal, crypto and banking.
CashBag Ecosystem:
Transactions are recorded using the beacon tracking technology and web/instore belongs to us related to the advertiser’s website and Point-Of-Sale. advertisers who utilize transactional tracking solutions real time our which is integrated with our ecosystem, the payment will be done through Smart contracts for Transactional costs & advertising.
Our token sales is an opportunity for early adopters to participate in a set of tokens that can be exchanged with the value of the redemption of guaranteed advertising. After the initial token issue distributed no further tokens that will be created and the company will buy back the token for the award was published as incentive for members. The price of the CBC will follow the regulations of the buyback program through Hartwick where our token will keep liquidity and increase in value over time as more users entering the ecosystem. Due to the scarcity and limitations of supply, we anticipate that the unit price CBC will increase over revenue, driven by the demand of members, increase the price. CashBag will pay incentives members using the ratio of the current incentives, 10:1 (equivalent to one-tenth of the dollar equivalent of the CBC’s response to cash each dollar earned back). These incentives would be financed from profits and are purchased on the open market.
During the presale send Ethereum (ETH) to address presale to get the token and your bonus. The token will be allocated to gather the crowd finish. During crowdsale, the token purchased by sending an Ethereum (ETH) to address smart contracts. So get smart contracts will send the token to Your wallet. After crowdsale, token CBC can be listed and traded on the exchanges. Support for the settlement and trade advertisers directly in 
the platform CashBag will also be added.
CBC Profile Token:
We will issue a total of 367 million tokens. A maximum of 120 million will be sold for 1 ETH: 6000 tokens
40% Bonus 1ETH PRESALE: 8400 (2000ETH) now open
WEEK 1 20% Bonus 1ETH: 7200 12 March 2018
WEEK 2 15% Bonus 1ETH: 6900 19 March 2018
WEEK 3 10% Bonus 1ETH: 6600 26 March 2018
WEEK 4 NO BONUS 1ETH: 6000 2 April 2018

Whitepaper :
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My Ethereum Address:

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