CASHBAG-To Get Cash Back And Discount For Online Purchases

CASHBAG  is more than just a web site awards, these are the tools that help the shopper who was aware and conscious to get money back and get discounts for online purchases. This is used by the active online shoppers, business and almost everyone interested to shop when shopping online

CashBag mobile & on desktop
CashBag have Android apps and the App Desktop Helper (Firefox Chrome Safari) that once installed will automatically remind consumers will be saving when shopping online. This site optimized for mobile and our Android application (launch of iOS Q4) allows consumers to browse and search for products and services while on the go.

How to get income CashBag
CashBag has partnered with hundreds of traders globally and on to onboard new traders every day. All these traders agreed to share revenues based on transactional revenue generated by online shoppers CashBag. Through direct integration with our network & traders, we can report transactions in real-time and earn cash back savings for our members.

CashBag operates in several global markets. We have a list of more than 150 active in advertisers, with over 685 lining up for integration. We hope to expand to include 2,500 merchants on Q2 2018 when we entered the more territories.

Members earn cash rewards when you shop online at participating merchants. These cash prizes paid out by traders and tracked by CashBag through integration of sales our sales with each merchant. New members choose from a set of basic currencies including USD, EUR, AUD, GBP, ZAR with support for more currencies being added as we enter new markets.

Members can earn incentive CashBag sponsored event-based, transaction volume and the social divisions of their platform. By integrating our wallets to the settlement of blockchain, we created a mechanism to accelerate the completion of the cash back and give incentives to our members by giving them a sign with the value of the real world that can be supported is traded, exchanged and used throughout the supporting partners ERC20 any wallet.

Members can choose to receive their cashback in their original currency or convert with the market price applicable to the Token CashBag and keep their deposits in eligible purse ERC20 us. Similarly, they can melt their CashBag Tokens and receive payment of fiat in their original currency.

There are several commercial and user apps end-users for the token. Depending on the requirements of the users, the token can be used to store or transmit or exchange value for service in CashBag.

Core and Alpha application development MVP
BizDev secure trading partners initial + 100
The development of the beta site launch & directly
CashBag Soft Launch South Africa
Organic growth into 180 merchant
Construction Continues
Supporting Multicurrency Wallet Platform Development
Development of desktop toolbar
Q1-Q3 2017
Phase 1 customer acquisition Targeting (EMEA/APAC/USA)
Investigate the market focus of the high yield for the expansion of the marketing plan.
The Launch Of Android Applications
The growth of the customer base into + 500
User adoption growth be 130,000 members
The scale of the personnel, systems and business processes
Plan the evolution of the product into a decentralized architecture and implementation of blockchain.
Research implementation Tokenonomi & finalization.
Contract advertisers wake up to MVP.
Q4 2017
Architectural Token sales contract including intelligent development & token buyer/member’s wallet.
Q1 2018
The Transformation Of The Wallet Integration & Advertising Members
Advertiser Self Service Launches Service Portal including a wallet that enables transaction processing and currency-to-token advertising = CB swap through smart contracts.
Launches an expanded Member interface which shows the token value, the cash value and the value of cash equivalents and the tools to execute the swap, redemption and withdrawal.
Q2 2018
The Core Market Expansion & Marketplace
Market launch CashBag, integrate your data feed merchants with 150,000 different products.
Launch the standalone shopping Assistant Natural Language UX UX
Stage 2 customer acquisition Targeting (EMEA/AUS/NZ)
Q3 2018
The Original Ad Machine
Launched the ad engine includes targeting viewers, ad creation and conversion of the CBC to shopping ads using intelligent contract to execute the purchase of advertising on the platform.
Stage 3 targeted customer acquisition (us/CA)
Q2 2019

Debit Card Launches
Launch the related Debit cards in the U.S. market, with other markets to follow
Expand your market to allow members to create a table and sell their own goods in a custody environment safe and secure by using smart contracts to carry out and ensure the transaction and delivery.
Add Social Tools, that allows communication and transaction peer-to-peer (member-to-member) directly, including gamifikasi elements to encourage the adoption, use, and sharing of social platform, merchants and products are shown in the it.
While developing cash bags, we imagine that these services be part of family members who are very valuable and trustworthy.

We will issue a total of 367 million tokens. A maximum of 120 million will be sold for 1 ETH: 6000 tokens.

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