YuTü.Co.in  provides a platform for YouTubers to earn more money, communicate better with their fans and have their valuable tokens traded on our stock exchanges. With YuTü.Co.in, YouTube producers can get incentives in a decentralized way that could not be achieved before. This approach is a breakthrough and has never […]

KRIOS – The Krios project presents a new way to collaborate with marketing professionals from around the world. Whether it’s copywriters, graphic designers, content writers, or influential individuals, Krios will allow users to connect, collaborate, and perform on a single platform. The challenge that businesses face with outsourcing marketing is a large […]

Sportsfix – I am glad to welcome all Subscribers again and to present you an overview of the interesting and promising project. And the project can really make a breakthrough in its sphere because it has everything for it: a great cool idea, a classy experienced team, and the latest […]

Buddy Which of the trends of the online development market today develops better all? Of course, there are many, but one of the leaders in the market mobile applications. People tend to make the functionality of applications easier, and at the same time, more convenient. And it is important that the […]

LEVEL01 is a decentralized P2P exchanger that allows investors to directly trade option contracts without the intervention of an intermediary or broker. An excellent opportunity to significantly save on the Commission, which is mandatory when attracting a third party. LEVEL01 combines the technology of DLT with Blokchejnom and artificial intelligence […]