AirSaveTravel Currently, our company is developing the cryptocurrency and the travel industry in collaboration with STA Travel. Our products are available from the Apple App Store. At first glance, the journey is to see new places and (if you are heading abroad to volunteer), giving a little back at the same […]

Idealcoin – Good day, dear friends! Today we will talk about the direction of the monetization of information. This is a very important direction in our environment. After all, how you should understand the information is quite a valuable thing, and worth the big money. But, today, there are many […]

Gigtricks – Who did not dream to repeat the success story of Bill Gates or Steve Jobs? The industry of technological entrepreneurship fascinates and attracts thousands of people all over the world. They call them startups. The first thing that a technological entrepreneur has to face is the team’s gathering under the […]

Gigzi – The crypto world today is going through not easy times. After the surge of 2017, the year 2018 is marked by the outflow of capital and the fading mood of crypto enthusiasts. One of the brightest reasons is a number of problems, legal, technical and even world vision. But today […]

Athero – The structure of the ICO Athero platform is a distributed, economically stable state computing infrastructure, oriented towards growth and prosperity. Athero is a platform for improving business transactions, combining the technology of the Internet of Things and the technology of block chains. The design of Athero is based […]