SUBAJ – In our daily lives, all people in the world are engaged in one thing, namely spending money, in order to live in abundance and in favorable conditions. For example: Pay for products, utilities, medicines, clothing, education, gadgets, flats, cars and much more. All this is combined with the […]

Asset allocation or AAT is an asset management platform that offers you a smart and easy way to manage all your ICO and cryptocurrencies/portfolio investments under a single platform using all the necessary tools and Professional knowledge. Asset allocation current is a platform that is global and decentralized and is […]

MYTC – More than 5 million SME are exchanging/exchanging around the world, but there are no platforms that these companies can swap and exchange together around the world. The current members of Exchange/exchange transactions have limited access to members of other platforms and are overloaded and controlled through books, securities […]

Viva Network is a decentralized ecosystem that connects mortgage borrowers to global investors within an unlimited, secure blockchain cloud platform. The innovative technology Viva uses smart contracts Ethereum to protect and securitization private home loans in fractionated Mortgage shares (FMS) that can be easily bought and sold on the Viva […]

The XRT Coin API API allows any developer to add XRT coins as a payment option. Enterprises in the food and beverage sector began to cooperate with the XRT platform to accept XRT coins. Customers will be able to pay for their services in cafes and restaurants using XRT coins. […]