COVEX The contract for Covex Smart is based on the erc223 of the next generation, where traders can trade and exchange Kriptokonkursami, copy trade skills and compete with each other in their investment groups. In other words, we do trade in social/copy, margin transactions and payment gateways in a transparent, […]

Helex  world is solution-oriented and aims to provide the right solution for the client. Helex Corporation registered in the Republic of Seychelles with a competent team who have experience in managing investment funds and asset management and legal compliance. Corporations registered in the jurisdiction of the o? Shore to protect […]

XMONETA  encrypted Messenger is the world’s first decentralized management for social and business communication. With Xmoneta you can talk with friends, buy different goods in the electronic store, listen to music, read books, order food, taxis and so on. More importantly, you can use your Messenger as purses for different […]

AFRICUNIA – BANK of AFRICA where Innovative Banking Technology was created to establish Digital currencies and financial investment. We are talented, passionate individuals and hard workers from across the continent, combining efforts to manage to code, creating and building relationships in the financial arena. The leadership we have a solid […]

UCHIT The internet-paramount invention of mankind, thanks to which significantly increased the standard of living and comfort of living. Thanks to him, it became possible to work, to be engaged in self-education, to admire art without leaving the house. However, people are social beings, so one of the main uses […]