CAVIAR: De-Risking Your Crypto Investments With Real Estate

CAVIAR¬† is the first platform that offers digital assets and real estate in a single cryptographic token available at blockchain Ethereum. Our mission is to provide the holder of a token with a distributed, customized portfolio risk, based on data by exposure to the stable real estate and select a crypto and crypto assets, maximize return on investment while hedging the market’s decline. Platform utilities to bring Caviar token holder caviar, allows real estate developers raise money for the project by using the mechanism of crowdfunding, while giving the holder of the token caviar and the underlying fund is an opportunity to participate in the project and earn interest.

History And Company Profile
Caviar is the successor to the Caviar Capital LP, a real estate loan fund operates since 2013. During the last five years, the Caviar Capital successfully financed more than 20 redevelopment projects. With an interest rate of 0%, 0 late payments and average IRR (internal rate of return) of 16% per year, the Caviar Capital provides investment vehicles and a stable investment, generate income and reliable. Since the beginning, the Caviar Capital consistently outperform the S P 500 index & Real Estate1 and S P 500 & Bond2 by over 300%

The Business Model
Caviar has developed investment models are dual-purpose proprietary, data driven, to capture growth from currency crypto and crypto-quick assets, while providing exposure to the real estate that generates income A.S.

The rise of the market blockchain generate some funds that invest on crypto and assets. Some of these funds offer options for the results to investors and diversify their promise by maintaining a portion of their assets in the Bitcoin. However, in a very easy crypto market change, monthly or quarterly profit is not guaranteed. Although the Bitcoin crypto is the currency of the most volatile and most liquid at this time, but still a Bitcoin is part of the same asset class and are likely to experience volatility.

Caviar gave investors the opportunity to diversify their portfolio outside of crypto and evidence through exposure of funds to low-risk real estate market. Caviar is in a unique position to be able to divert funds from crypto to market real estate and otherwise to modify allocations, maximize the benefits and minimize the risks. Caviar business model takes a more balanced approach to investing through a combination of assets rapid crypto strengthened income-producing real estate and are stable. This is a systematic method that is proven to achieve growth and earnings through exposure to the market in a double in a single token.

Excess Of Caviar
Dual purpose with strong upside-we diversify currencies crypto and crypto assets with income generating real estate loan portfolio, resulting in a risk-sensitive
Protection on the down side is supported by a stable asset-if a bear market in real estate or crypto, we can divert investments to maximize the increase
For the holder of a token we receive 75% quarterly profits through smart contracts
Strength prediction of a stronger and more effective asset allocation Models for forecasting proprietary Intelligent Predictive price Crypto Crypto Currency and Assets backed by real science data
The transparency of transactions and investments seen on blockchain
The strong historical performance-5 years of previous experience of real estate investment
The team experienced the year fixed income, equity, debt, market and academic experience crypto
Low minimum entry compared to traditional funds-there is no minimum investment for sales people
The growth of the Token value-20% profits reinvested
Liquidity-capital set aside quarterly to buy back and burn the token to provide liquidity
Completely appropriate-Caviar is fully in accordance with the international regulations of KYC/AML

Platform Caviar
With over 150,000 real estate assets that are purchased for the purpose of repair and resale in the United States each year, and the ability for investors to generate hundreds of thousands, or even millions of dollars a year, this is an opportunity that many of interest to embrace as their own business ventures. So, there is a need for a community peer, mentor, and service providers to educate, disseminate information about the transaction, and provide peer to peer communication. This community also gives real estate developers a platform to raise funds for their projects. By building a community of developers and real estate entrepreneur, caviar will advance its objectives, improving the flow of transactions and provide additional opportunities for the token holder’s benefit

Kirill Bensonoff-Serial entrepreneur with several multi-million dollar exits
Guy Neumann-A Real Estate Solicitor
Alex Shvayetsky-Crypto trader and investor, entrepreneur
David Drake-The JDL Chairman, Capital
James Jamil-Executive Director of the Wall Street Blockchain Alliance
Kairat Kalieyv co-founder of Cross Coin, successful ICO, Starta Capital
David m. Wirth-Patent holding inventor, engineer and miner
Benjamin Finch-Marketing strategist
Ihor Pidruchny-Blockchain technologist
Kathy Berardi-PR strategist with a 15 year track record
Ivan Labrie-Trading Strategy, a top trader TradingView
James Sowers Co-founder Crypto Specialist LLC, Mentor @ Alchemist Accelerator
Mikhail Savchenko-CTO at

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