Cewnote Platform Decentralised and Bring More Trustworthy News

Cewnote is a decentralized news platform using the blockchain technology and created on the Ethereum blockchain. The use of Blockchain technology allows the decentralize platform to Cewnote, make it more secure and reliable for customers. The development team is going to use sophisticated algorithms that allow the use of Cewnote tokens to decentralize and revolusion the news industry. Cewnote wants to integrate blockchain technology into online news/industry news to decentralize this industry around the world. After all, existing services differ a lot of bugs and problems.

The decentralized news platform is supported by incentives for people to create, analyze and reathed news.

Cewnote allows writers to create news content, which will be considered for the presence of a credible, interesting community of facts. All parties that publish these articles receive remuneration for state and corporate interests. Developers are focused on creating a platform that will be considered really authoritative in the news segment-No yellow press or unverified news, exceptionally high-quality content. Only when the relevant content is published, its authors will be able to expect to receive a certain reward.

Why Cewnote?
Competitive Advantage
Cewnote has a unique opportunity to produce news that we have never seen before.

BLOCKCHAIN Infrastructure
Integrate blockchain technology to create high-quality algorithms and protect resources.

Simple token integration
Get paid for publishing interesting and important content.

A global and secure system
Developers of this unique platform do not need personal information, all clients will have anonymous access all over the world. Payment is made in the token cewnote.

To protect your privacy in cewnote, you do not need to share your personal information, you can create an account without providing an important contactable. Accounts can be configured easily, quickly, and anonymously. Once set up, your account will have a category status of F. However, you can achieve a higher status by writing articles and receiving votes. The rating system allows allocating really talented authors, thus excluding unnecessary content. All users will be part of a global community in which all publications can be tracked. Your biography contains short content about you. Cewnote users can also subscribe to your account and monitor your upcoming work. This is a great opportunity to always keep your subscribers informed of the news.

Cewnote APP
The Cewnote mobile app will be available to iOS and Android users. The application will make the process of news distribution convenient and practical. Journalists, writers, and participants will be able to post content, as well as receive notifications about new publications. All transactions on the platform are executed using a token (CEW).

Advantages of the Cewnote platform
Cewnote generates news in a fantastic way, which is quite different from the news of the traditional industry and media.

Exceptionally accurate information
Blockchain technology allows you to get reliable information compared to what we have in the traditional news industry.
• Monetization efforts
Writers and journalists are rewarded for contributing to the community.

• Secure payment and Exchange
No need for personal information. Cewnote more concerned about the privacy of their writers and contributors. They will be able to create an anonymous user account. All forms of remuneration or payment on the platform are performed using Cewnote tokens.

• Participants can influence their rating
Platform clients can get a new rating by publishing interesting content. There is no way to adjust the profile fraudulently, platform developers have provided this aspect, community members will evaluate the publications, thus improving the rating of the author. All participants of the platform will be able to subscribe to the most interesting authors.

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