CEYRON – Token Paying Annual Dividends by Debit Card Worldwide

CEYRON is a system of decentralized exchanges want to increase the liquidity of the assets of the Cryptography more transparent and safe than centralized partner that is currently circulating in the market. Ceyron ecosystem is built and operated by popular network of partners around the world in a centralized network. The goal is to provide the appropriate financial experience around the world using the power of the technology block chain. Ceyron transaction-based business model has a simple and sustainable. Every trader profited from the transaction.

Identify The Problem
The issue of who wants to be solved Ceyron are summarized below. According To This;

Banking interest rates very low in African economies and have liquidated the financial trail is very bad. Less than 10% of adults have a bank account. The market came back with cash transactions. For example, more than 85% of the trade is cash.

Highly competitive market Environment in Africa’s mobile money is becoming increasingly competitive. This increasing competition means that consumers have more choices.

Very low usage level in Africa, 12% of the account holder in the world. But the level of inclusion in the financial system is very low. Analysis of the behavior of average users who pay resembles the general trend: withdrawal represents at least 60% of the volume of transactions; transaction peer-to-peer 20%; Call duration 10%, 8% and payment savings of 2%.

The use of debit cards is low.
Prepaid debit card is used only for shopping and postal service (rare). However, the owner of the symbol CEY had the privilege to receive annual dividends on the CFL cards.
The lack of a secure credit and genting for applicants of loans.
In Africa, there is a shortage of available credit for most applicants. CFL intend to solve this. More specifically, the symbol can be considered a source of CEY’s income that is distributed to entrepreneurs, as eligible for the credit.

Reduction in the stable and sustainable to the applicant of the loan there is a deficit in the stable and sustainable in a loan application in Africa. With all of the above, it is clear what the problem is.

CFL Solutions
Credit Portfolio Fund CFLs, Colombus Investment Management Ltd. and its main asset is an asset purchased on credit from a bank instead. The assets consist of mortgages, second mortgages, real estate, bridge loans car loans, loans and equipment leases, commercial mortgage loans, mortgage-based assets, and the factoring contract. Non-bank financial institutions establish credit assets and generally retain all the responsibilities of the service. The Fund will, from time to time, buy credit assets in the pool, all in a separate credit or credit against participation in all. In addition to paying a nominal service charge to fulfill the functions of billing and billing the recipient credit creative assets, loans will continue to be the main providers of the transfer of resources, including the obligation to provide a particular service if the guarantee is issued. The loan has been updated and is fully replaced. In addition to the functionality provided by the manufacturer of the credit, if one or more content creators can not do its work, the task of the service’s “backup ” secondary activated. This ensures that the collection of cash and repayment of credit assets continues. Today, 60 percent of U.S. mortgage loans held by the banks up to thirty per cent (30 per cent) in the year 2013. This is held on bank credit platform from hundreds of u.s. bank trillion u.s. dollars on U.S. mortgages. The investment manager must approve the payment of the debt and the risks associated with the platform itself and must advise the credit profile of its assets, the origin, volume, scope, time and cost for regulatory compliance, quality management and quality the service. The investment manager will be assigned to select the highest-performing assets available on this platform for CFL’s portfolio, as well as the highest-risk assets to liquidate a portfolio of CFL. Solution of the Jeyran brought here

Simple and fast you can easily send email as Ceyron. Where there is no point where you live, Ceyron can send and receive.
We use a Decentralized technology Blocking Chain decentralized, so that there are no reliable third-party. Transactions are made directly between users.

Ceyron is not limited to just will supply 250 million dollars. For this reason, the prices are on the uptrend when the demand is high and the number of remaining funds are not increased.
Features of the Jeyran solution for this problem
It’s worth it.
From the moment you win CEY, the world is open to you.
Ceyron change.
Ceyron private Exchange site allows you to buy and sell currencies and CEY other crypto.

Life without the burden of Travel expenses. Your card will always be considered as local currency card and you’ll get the interbank exchange rate.

Anonymous anyone can run their wallets and acted the same anonymously with Bitcoin.
Transfer money with ease just like Bitcoin, you can send anything you want, anywhere you want.

Without A Hitch.
send and receive international payments without participation of the attendees.

Ceyron Kart
The card will be a physical Mastercard CEY, virtual, and laden with a mobile application that will allow the use of twenty (20) of foreign currency from one card. In the card market a similar lifestyle, in addition to the transaction fee, most cards charge a percentage of the market rate of spread of foreign currencies. Customers travelling with more than one currency to more than one country will inevitably enter “Tolls in cash ” and “Currency transaction fee “. This charge is mostly flat interest rate plus process, the main wage sector is 2.75%-2.99%.

Bank Card Ceyron
The card is provided with the CHIP and features most of the technology without contact. What does it mean? CHIP (also known as EMV) is a technology that makes your bank card is far more secure and difficult to copy or copy. With the CHIP card, confidential information far more secure than magnetic stripe technology and card issuer; for example, when you buy something, you better quicker, more reliable, and more secure. This technology has been standardized throughout the world and CHIP-enabled debit card you can use anywhere (when Mastercard accepted) and compatible.

Non-contact (formerly PayPass) is a technology that allows a quick payment card purchases in small private shops with touch or waving the card to the card card. You don’t need a PIN or signature to perform small purchases. There is a protection against unintentional or double payments. This replaces the cash for payment without contact.

Digipass Is Available
DIGIPASS applications in line with the latest technological developments and customer preferences; allows customers to securely verify their online card transactions using their smartphones.
This application can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play Official Store for all smartphone Android, iOS, and Windows; so make banking online safer and far more comfortable than ever before:

Securing modern technology in your mobile device easy to read QR code with easy to read additional security with fingerprint protection (on supported devices) do not need to carry an additional device to activate online banking did not exist limitation of life a lot more flexibility to the management of the Account PIN more with an application to manage the replacement Ceyron
The bottom line is based on Frs-chain Library Block, which guaranteed security as proof, extremely efficient and secure processing of scale, with more than 100,000 currently.
Ceyron uses high-speed LMAX matchmaking based on the program’s ability to reach millions of FRS matching process at this time. The knot will be blocking service system and an efficient and safe packaging through a consensus of DPOS. In the future, increasing scalability will come from the application of the EOS. We believe that by introducing innovation into layers of protocols to facilitate the transactions easy and safe, and by injecting the application layer and the commercial and operational expertise to improve user experience, this will enhance the application of decentralized expenditure.

Sales and distribution Ceyron Token (Cey)
The symbol of the CEI is an intelligent functional in contract funds. No CEY symbol is returned. Symbol of CEY’s not for speculative investments. Performance or the value of the future will not be promised or granted in connection with Document CEI, included no promises of natural values, there is no promise of payment is sustainable, and there is no guarantee that the Document will have a specific value of the CEI. Rights CEY is not an effect and they don’t join a company. No CEY symbol has the right to any rights in the company.
Shares of CEI is a digital marker will be given to investors and represent the interests of ownership profitable in a separate class of shares that is not a voting rights at Ceyron. The legal title of the representative will be kept confidential by Loyal Agency & Trust Corp. (” ” or LATC “Candidate”) to the owner of the icon and the marketers will have a beneficial interest in Ceyron Finance Ltd. is not included in the management or operation of a Fund or Fund Manager described below.
CEY Token – digital sign contract offers smart representing the ownership of profitable non-voting shares in CEY which will be held by Loyal Agency & Trust Corp, which is believed by the possession of the Token CEY.

Some of the information;
Token Name: Ceyron
Token Symbol: CEY
Contract Address: 0xebc71036a37451e87cc43af8ae7ac123aa750dcb
Decimals: 8
Price Per Token: $0.10 USD per CEY Token
Number of Tokens for Sale: 250,000,000
Start of Token Pre-Sale: 2/16/18
End of Token Pre-Sale: 3/15/18
Pre-Sale Discount: 25%, 15%, 5%
Start of Token Sale:3/16/18
Soft Cap: 2 Million USD
Hard Cap: 45 Million USD
Start of Bounty Registration: 02/15/2018
End of Token Sale: When Hard cap is reached
Currencies Accepted: BTC, ETH, LTC, PayPal and Credit/Debit card

Website: https://ceyron.io
Whitepaper : https://ceyron.io/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/White-Paper-ICO-CEY-Token-UPDATED31012018.pdf
ANN : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2955746.0
Telegram: https://t.me/joinchat/HlFuxhLIUYQL88_NtoM4sA
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Ceyron
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