Chainium SHARE MARKET REINVENTED A revolutionary way to buy and sell shares

Chainium has a simple mission: Shake the world stock market. Chainium that today’s stock markets-like traditional stock markets and the way we interact with them-are inefficient. These systems are slow and expensive for all participants, including investors and businesses seeking financing. This is a problem that chainium want to solve.Chainium is actively developing the platform and plans to release its finished product in 2018. By the end of 2018, Chainium plans to release an application that allows investors and businesses to buy and sell shares based on a secure block-chain environment.

How does Chainium work?
Chainium aims to use block chain technology to disrupt global stock markets. One of the biggest innovations of the platform is to allow users to safely buy and sell stocks in a convenient way. Chainium wants to allow investors to buy and sell stocks through any mobile app.
In fact, Chainium’s investor apps can already be found in Google Play stores.

The whole platform is supported by the block chain. Chainium uses distributed ledger accounts to create direct links between companies that sell shares and investors who buy shares. This eliminates the middle tier of the market, including the management costs and reconciliation steps required for today’s stock market.

The following are the basic processes by which investors or business owners buy/sell stocks via the platform:
-Business owners will download the Chainium application and then offer to sell shares using the app
-The enterprise owner defines the company’s valuation and share price, enters the number of shares to be sold, and selects the duration of the quote
-Investors will review stock offerings, or they can share stocks previously allocated in the Chainium level two market transaction
-Investors can buy stocks through their apps using regular fiat money or encrypted currency
-At the end of the offer period, the enterprise will obtain capital that is usually raised in legal or encrypted currency

The benefits of Chainium
Chainium brings the following benefits to business owners and investors.
For owners
-Sell shares to raise funds
-Sell shares directly to investors
-No need to go public or bank
-Remove middlemen, reduce process costs
-Sell shares whether the business is listed or not listed
-Free access to all of these features

For investors
-Buy shares directly from the enterprise
-Remove Middleman
-access to exclusive investment opportunities
-Buy and sell stocks in the two tier market
-Free access to all of these features

Chainium team?
The headquarters of Chainium is located in Vaduz, Liechtenstein. The company was founded in 2017 by a group of more than 15 years of experience in the global stock market. The team has practical experience in the technology of blocking, data protection and financial management. Sasha Ragchaa, chief operating officer and co-founder Florian Batliner-Staber, technical director and co-founder of Ermin Dzinich and marketing director Helen Tanner. Chainium AG is governed by the EU’s jurisdiction and policy, including the Financial Markets Authority (FMA) of Liechtenstein (known as the Financial Market Authority). It is obvious that in Switzerland there are many companies-blockchain, but in this small country Liechtenstein is not so many companies-Blokchejnov. Although Chainium headquarters is located in Liechtenstein, the company has offices in the UK and Germany and plans to open more centres in North America and Asia in the future.

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