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Changenow Cryptographic Digital Currency The current token is the first token created by the current trading stage. at this time the Token will be in charge on the Changenow platform, this was soon to be a major method to register the new coin and token exchange we
Changenow is a web-based platform that is currently in use are made for the easy and convenient exchange of crypto. and basically, two types of cryptocurrencies head, private properties, and select yaang instantly. The first gets the user’s crypto t and stores it in its infrastructure until it is requested otherwise. The latter acts on each exchange separately without saving
The user’s private key. Our project is dedicated to instant exchange. Despite the fact that they are at the beginning of the race, we believe that in the near future this type of exchange will dominate the world of cryptocurrency by promoting and empowering new decentralized technologies.
the main advantage of having two of the Changenow is that you can transfer to another cryptocurrency immediately without having to register, and also there are no restrictions on the minimum or maximum values there is no need to. You can do all of the above with 5 simple steps, and the money in your purse in minutes. Changenow will ensure that you will get the best price and in accordance with the search through a research exchange to ensure that the best conversion and is appropriate for you
The current token gives you an exclusive and very useful feature on a constant level of changenow, with accelerated his support and much more!
The limit is terrible! When you later use our service, you do not need to be concerned with the restriction at the time of the Exchange. There is and there will be no maximum number of grouping to conduct an exchange of coins in the Changenow Redeem as long as you want. Release
Let’s leave all the controls of the centralized service. As a service without restrictions, Changenow supports your security and does not control your assets. We do not deponiruem your funds or you need to register.
Provides a smooth exchange of
Our service is very convenient built-in instant use to exchange the coins. We also support the Visa and Mastercard payments for purchases in a fast cryptocurrency
Be honest with our customers
“You don’t have to worry about choosing the best exchange rate. We work with 10   trading platforms and exchange partners to provide the best price for our users.”
Token now
NOW token is the first token created by the instant Exchange platform.
Token NOW will serve as the internal currency in Changenow, it will be an important way to register new coins and tokens in our service. Changenow will grow very quickly, the Token will be will be in huge demand. You’re only chance to get the token now also by individuals who are participating in the campaign For Changenow and gifts
Token distribution Now-every Monday from May 28.
Price 1 now ≈ 0.2 USD
Market capitalization: 40 000 000 USD
Number of tokens: 200 000 000 now
Airdrop: 60 000 000 now
Campaign for escape: 4 000 000 now
Contract Address
Token now
Air phased
2,037,773 Tokens
60 million
The Airdrop badges begin on May 28, 2018, and run until all distributed coins are distributed to Exchange users and partner partners. Learn more about how to participate.
Given that now the number of users is expected to increase, cryptocurrency Changenow will remain the best investment projects and appropriate. The project is expected to have a large number of users because of its ease of use.

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