CIBUS offers a large number of services on the platform which facilitated by token CIBUS and CIBUS Community supported by the scattered all over the world that havea true business potential that could be realized by its users. CIBUS network is built with the latest technology-based blockchain aimed at fulfilling the transparency of food supplements and health that guarantees the origin, quality and quantity of a product.

CIBUS will bring food and supplement manufacturers, sellers or traders under one platform functional, interactive, mutually beneficial and based on blockchain technology
and allows greater transparency through data that can be trusted, recorded in ledgers and distributed free and can
accessed by all interested parties; Thus good business owners as well as consumers are able to enjoy the best possible transparency, authenticity, and the reliability of the food products they are interested in.
The trust is one of the most important aspects of the business. Confidence comes from transparency and honesty, with those of CIBUS will now have a platform on which they will obtain a complete tracking and transparency to match the source. CIBUS network will be a platform for e-commerce and social networking for Food. There are a variety of methods to make the process complete as fully as possible. Direct from the farm to Your fork and you’ll get a complete tracking options for the first.
This would be a decentralized system that is similar to the concept of a crypto resources. The process is very simple all transactions done solely through token CIBUS. The entire cycle from the farm to the consumer are available online for viewing by any of the parties. The complete flow of food and other diet foods will open. This will help create a sense of trust in the consumer and also a better chance to get feedback on their services for traders.


CIBUS token: the underlying cryptocurrency for all transactions at the CIBUS platform, which is the only method of payment for the transaction fees, custody services, advertising and analytical data. All the parties conduct transactions at CIBUS CIBUS Retail Trade and must have a minimum balance of CIBUS token to perform transactions at the CIBUS.

The word CIBUS — Global food Ekositas Food at CIBUS Blockchain: CIBUS business meals in transparent Ecosystem technology blockchain can promote the following food business category in the global platform:

1 agricultural production

2 processed food manufacture

3 food distribution wholesale or retail
CIBUS blockbet based business Ecosystem can offer the right solution for most of the recurring problems of quality and authenticity of food supply chains worldwide. Its benefits can be taken in the following areas:
1 Track materials and packaging materials for better food security
2 protection of brands that generate value brands
3 Consumption real-time data to comply with regulatory audit
4 delivery condition monitoring of temperature sensitive products
5 guarantee of compliance with the guidelines of VACCP are motivated by GFSI (Vulnerability assessment and Critical Control Points).
6 quick recovery of data security in case of a food product recall
7 the right Search Capability that is applied in the supply chain will allow producers related to handle problematic products quickly.
CIBUS blockchain process based on a Pull Model: the unique characteristics of the model CIBUS calculated in the following model.


We designed this platform to run using blockchain technology as the basis for the development of our platform. Because from the first look, the blockchain comes with the offer of online transactions secure and fast and supports all data types and crypto. Blockchain technology using the system, where each transaction is recorded andcan not be changed forever, so that the security and transparency of the transactioncan be awake and reduce the possibility of fraud data. We created a Platform of CIBUS runs using the blockchain technology, which records of production and distribution are recorded in Cibus block cannot be changed and cannot be considered a fake, so that consumers or buyers can use the data to given the product immediately ifthe products are not available in accordance with what the consumer wants we will make Cibus Platform to have a token that can be used as currency in this platform. We will retain any transaction you do quickly and also safe, using blockchain technology. Each of the parties to the transaction will be directed to use the token Cibus we provide, to keep the speed and security of transactions they do.

Advantages of buying from CIBUS

The main advantage is the CIBUS facilities direct communication between consumers and producers.

This will provide a great platform and relevant to the post and reviews related to food.

The review by customers will continue to be monitored and in case of continuous bad reviews, sellers will be given a warning to improve quality or other related errors.

There are no advertisements and promotions that don’t need to be on the platform, just advertising and relevant information pursuant the purchase history or the like.

Pre-order SALE CIBUS TOKEN expires date: 10:59 AM (GMT) on February 28, 2018
ICO Token Sale start date: 11:00 AM (GMT) on February 28, 2018
Method of payment: BTC, ETH, LTC, DASH
Soft cap: 5 million CBT
Hard cap: 40 million CBT
Token exchange rates: 1 ETH = 1000 Token CIBUS
Total token supply (max): 100 million CBT

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