CIBUS Trust, Performance & Scalability at Lower Cost in Food Business

CIBUS In our capitalist world, it’s easy to experience fraud in the buying and selling process. This phenomenon occurs in all sectors of the economy. For merchants, the sale of 100% of the goods it is ideal, but this is not possible, so there are still a number of unrealized goods that must be discarded. To do this, those unscrupulous return label products, obviously deceiving buyers about the State of the product. The second urgent problem is false, which masked the true for goods and services, in the same way the seller’s cheating the buyers in this case.

Also, in some cases, buyers interested in other issues, which under normal circumstances he would have found the answer, for example: by whom and when the packaging is created, how the shipment was made, etc. Knowing this information, the buyer will ensure that he give her money for a quality product, which requires trust and confidence. The purity and transparency of this process forever will transform the market, remove them from unscrupulous players.

CIBUS food ecosystems – the first in the world in the block, allowing to connect producers with end users.
CIBUS is ready to create a new revolution with the help of ecologically clean food 2.0 ecosystem for the 21st century.

CIBUS virtual platform is the tracking capability of food based on blocking technology would be applied, which will support the competent food product sales to end users.
In the process, consumers and suppliers can access information about the way of life of the product and check out all the main parameters. In accordance with this process, the authenticity of the food products, ingredients and company status involved in manufacturing, will be examined from the moment of production and to the end customer.

Food business module:
CIBUS TRACE. The revolutionary concept of food security. Make application for tracking food, based on the technology of blockchain. This provides easy access to reliable information, accurate, up-to-date and legally about a food product and food additive.
CIBUS Social. In an effort to provide market-oriented options, create a platform incentive for customers to directly provide feedback and reviews from the manufacturer. This allows experts in the food industry and health care professionals to collaborate and innovate in all related areas of interest.
CIBUS TRADE. Provides a global online marketplace where businesses that do bulk purchases and sales of food and food additives can be traded on transparent and reliable environment.
CIBUS RETAIL trading platform provides decentralized governance for e-commerce, which allows customers to trade directly with the manufacturer. This reduces costs by eliminating unnecessary middlemen.
CIBUS AD. The advertising platform that is simplified and streamlined, customized for the seller and in accordance with the interests of users. Providing analysis tools and content in the ecosystem of CIBUS.
CIBUS AFFILIATE. Help companies increase their sales and traffic on its web site, associate it with the leading experts in the field of social networking.
CIBUS ESCROW escrow Service standard to protect five levels of customers and manufacturers of manipulation and fraud.
CIBUS global logistics Solutions LOGISTICS using geo-tracking and keeping transportation requirements with smart contracts to maintain the quality and integrity of the food products and health supplements.

How CIBUS work?
Quick feedback from customers and detailed
Marketing and promotions directly to consumers
Complete control over your brand image
Reduce costs for customers
Scalable Data interaction

Transparency of food and dietary supplements
Ecosystem food on a reliable block system
Higher quality with lower price
Interaction with the seller directly
Compensation for social proof

Token CIBUS is the only way to pay for consumer-oriented marketing campaigns, manage multifunction system bonus, referral bonus, discounts and advertisements in the ecosystem of CIBUS, CIBUS provides exclusive access to the Trace function and other platforms. It also serves as one of the best crypto currency for buying and selling food.
This project is designed to modernize the existing supply chain and introduce a new standardized ecosystems, whose work will be stimulated through the use of bulk token CIBUS.

The name token: CIBUS
Number of tokens: 100 million
Method of payment: BTC, ETH, LTC, DASH
SOFT CAP: 5 million CBT
HARD CAP: 40 million CBT
TGE: PRE-ORDER until February 28, 2018
ICO TOKEN SALE: February 28 – March 28, 2018
Price: 1 ETH = 1000 CIBUS Token

Opening of Cibus brings customer trust and their confidence in the quality of the product in the process of purchasing food products that exist with the help of a new, decentralized platforms are developed based on the blockbuster. The startup it will help users to keep track of “street life” food, as well as a food additive to ensure quality, trust, transparency, reliability, efficiency, safety and ketertelusuran filled with affordable prices. CIBUS will create end-to-end B2B B2C & ecosystem that will change how we humans would consume food in the future.


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