CINDX Provides Access to Rated and Trustworthy Traders

CINDX – We live in an interesting and fast time when you want to see everything, everything to have any more money to earn, but to cover everything at once is not possible. The rapidly developing crypto market offers us something that can satisfy our desires, but not all of it is “in the teeth” and as always there is no time to study it in detail. Therefore, the combination of factors such as lack of skills and knowledge, uncertainty and mistrust in the application of available tools for high-quality bidding, and simply the lack of time for all these troubles, create barriers to the development of trades on Cryptocurrency exchanges. To understand this situation and propose a solution to these factors was possible a new project CINDX, which will make the trade Kriptoaktivami simple, profitable and accessible to many novice and amateur traders.
What is Cindx
CINDX is an innovative solution to unite all the participants of the Kriptovaljutnogo market in one ecosystem: investors, traders, asset managers, and trade solution providers to achieve their individual goals when Trade Kriptoaktivami. In the presence of such a team to invest and trade became possible without special knowledge and skills. The decentralized principle of organization of the platform with the application of blockchain technology allows to store investment crypto of the user in his purse and to carry out transactions by leading traders of the market transparent and accessible and fair.
CINDX platform, its solutions
The platform offers the following mechanism of interaction of all participants of the trading ecosystem:
1. Investors or investors. They are registered on the platform, are tested according to the requirements of KYC/AML and connect their purse with the help of API-key to Kriptotorgovle and choose various trading options offered by the manager: trading ratings and the most Professional trader.
2. Trader. They are connected with the trading terminal through the API-key and with the personal purse of the investor and earn on their own knowledge and ability to conduct transactions. The more it increases the investor’s income, the higher is his fee and the total revenue from the platform.
3. Supplier of trading solutions.  It offers news feeds and sells analytical findings on trades, various trading, bots and modern trader tools to increase the overall profitability y of crypto trade.
4. Cindx platform, in the person of its developers, has its profit in the form of commission payments from the carried out transactions which is directed on the development and perfection for maintenance of steady demand among traders.
5. Blockchain – The technologies used in the project guarantee the absence of fraudulent schemes in the execution of transactions, their reliability and correctness.
CINDX Development Team
The project is developed by an international team of specialists in such fields as marketing, trading, legal sphere and sales. Advisers and investors have experienced mentors with more than a dozen years of work in business, consulting, crypto and savvy in international financial relations. 
The Cinx token is a platform utility token that users will be able to confirm their access to for all transactions and transactions and receive a corresponding reward.
 Token: Cinx
 Platform: Ethereum
 Standard: ERC20
 Total tokens: 58 000 000 Cinx
 Available for Token Sale: 35 380 000 ALT (61%)
 Payment: ETH  Minimum investment at the stage of ITO: $50 equivalent
 Pre-ICO Price: There are bonuses up to 25%
 Price ICO: 1 Cinx = 1USD with weekly bonuses up to 15%
 Softcap: 6 000 000 USA
 Hardcap:: 30 000 000 USA
 Preliminary pre-ICO sales stage: 09.06.2018 by 11.07.2018
 The main stage of sales of ICO: 08.08.2018 by 27.09.2018
The openness and accessibility of the members of the development team contribute to the promotion of the CINDX Project on the bitcoins market and achieve their goal to become the best among the best management Kriptoaktivami users who have qualified assistance in Face traders platform, will be able to significantly increase their savings without even knowing the mechanisms of the process. Is it not the dream of many, earning without going into detail? It can be seen that with advanced technologies it will become a reality and norm. We wish you success and promotion of such an interesting project. 

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