coinanalyst – The New, Innovative Information Platform For Crypto Assets

Coinanalyst  – How often, studying the market cryptocurrency and proposed on Blockchain ICO, you meet with the problem of lack of complete, and reliable information about them? Unfortunately, the existing cryptographic methods have their imperfections and create problems for both beginners and advanced users of blockchain resources. Thus, studying one of the projects, or the market cryptocurrency, the investor is faced with a huge amount of unnecessary information, which is spam, and does not carry the information of interest to investors. This forces the latter to go to great risks.

Acquiring digital assets, which are not enough information for analysis, the investor and traders create a favorable environment for fraudsters, the purpose of which is to ensure the loss of your funds. Perhaps this is the main problem that motivated the developers of the project for the creation of the Coinanalyst platform. The article considers the token, its price and prospects, the ecosystem and the Coinanalyst team itself.

About the project
Coinanalyst is an absolutely innovative platform that provides a full range of information about digital assets. For example, the Coinanalyst platform deals with the cryptocurrency analyst offered by ICO. Thus, the platform absorbs a full range of existing information about the assets, ICO, and their developers, on the basis of which conducts intellectual analysis and provides recommendations based on many criteria, minimizing the risks of buying/selling Cryptocurrency. The platform identifies risks and possible variants of fraud by the team of analyzed ICO, which allows avoiding possible losses of the investor in the future.

What does the platform give us?
Coinanalyst makes the cryptocurrency market absolutely transparent. Will save your time on finding the right information, collecting information by yourself. In addition, using artificial intelligence conducts analytics instead of you, giving effective recommendations. Now the process of studying the market of currencies, ICO, etc. will be much simpler and more efficient.

Development prospects
According to the roadmap of Coinanalyst by 2019 plans to implement a public release of Coinanalyst in the form of applications on the leading operating systems (IOS and Android), as well as running bots running on different platforms of the network. But the key stage of the plan implementation is 2020, which will create a social platform for sales and artificial intelligence, carrying out analytical function on the platform.

Coinanalyst Team and office
Coinanalyst Office is located in Germany, and the team of developers and founders are representatives of Switzerland, Canada and other progressive countries of the world.
The multinational team took care of the quality implementation of the platform in their countries, so currently the Coinanalyst platform supports German, English, Italian, Portuguese, French, Russian and other progressive languages. As for other nations, the Company undertakes to introduce other languages supported by the platform as necessary.

Coinanalyst produced a token release, which will be the internal currency that provides the use of data cryptography on the platform. The total number of issued tokens equals 3 750 000 000 units. 1 COY equals 0.01 euros.

The Coinanalyst project token fully complies with the current ERC 20 standard, and the transaction process will be based on the Ethereumna blockchain base platform. The Whitepaper of the project provides information about the further distribution of the COY token as a pie chart:

Coinanalyst  As for me, the project set a really useful goal for each user Kriptomira, because every day a large amount of useless, unsubstantiated information is misleading both investors and traders. Thus, thanks to the above project, all the information on the network about tokens, ICO and other components of Kriptomira will be sorted and published on the Coinanalyst platform, which minimizes the risks of loss of platform users. P.S. This material carries information only for acquaintance and is not my recommendation. I do not encourage you to participate in the ICO. Investing in any of the ICO must take into account all the risks. The author of this article has presented an objective opinion concerning the project under consideration and is not an expert in the field of Blockchain technologies.

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