CoinMetro quickly and reliably in Exchange criptocurrency

CoinMetro This blockchain system is unreliable due to decentralisasi, and supported by millions of users around the world. This is the basis of stability and the prospect of further development for crypto. Believe in them in addition, Fiat currencies that exist in different countries is also only supported by the trust. There is no gold reserves of a country which is not enough to support its currency.

Cryptocurrency does not depend on the circumstances, actions and their financial policy. This system is generally more secure and stable, and I think in the future the world will jump on crypto and Fiat money is currently gradually no longer exists.

In many countries, present regulations, how do I calculate bitcoin and other digital currencies how to pay their taxes and so on — begin payments in crypto for private organizations work better than ads regular.

If the user intends to do a transaction with the best exchange rate, it is best to hire the services of a particular stock exchange. However, the Exchange is not a direct participant in the financial transaction. Actually, this is a comfortable platform where the parties enter into certain transactions. Needless to say that the market is also a kind of guarantor of fulfillment of a timely and complete by contributors from their obligations.
However, to accelerate the process of exchange of crypto turmoil Fiat money diciptakanlah a CoinMetro project, which provides excellent opportunities.

The platform has a very simple and intuitive, project CoinMetro for priority: becoming a channel between the traditional Financial and economic assets. Will perform three basic operations: Exchange, provide the trading platform and framework ICO Express completely.
This project works closely with FXPIG companies and therefore would have been able to offer broader services not previously available to an organization. This common idea, would allow every new user with a single click of the mouse to invest in kriptocurrency, changed it.

The market also will be equipped with a powerful set of tools that are designed to meet the needs of professional investors. Another very interesting feature is the ability to provide turnkey solutions to ICO to the perpetrators in the development of the project.
Interested in a relationship with a bank CoinMetro is committed to offering payment processing that’s fast and secure in kriptocurrency and fiat. In addition to the variety of features that are already known, CoinMetro plans to implement a unique rewards program for buyers of coins, and special trading solutions, configured with care in accordance with the contours of digital economic assets.

ICO starting today (Public Pre-Token Sale will begin on December 11, 2017 at 00:00:00 UTC) you can participate.
Process payments directly in fiat and cryptocurrencies is possible via the CoinMetro stable banking relationship nurtured by eMoney status is listed and registered in Georgia and Estonia. This feature will be available to the client CoinMetro the client direct and third parties, such as companies that run their own infrastructure through ICO block is easy to use.

The price of the Pre-Token Sale will start from EUR 0.03. The price will be increased by 0.02 EUR 12.5 million after each COIN sold. Hardcap set to 50 m. The selling price of the Token will be starting at 0.11 EUR (if Sold prior to Token-sold out) and increased by 0.01 EUR softcap on every 50 m. Hardcap Token Sale set to 300 m (including 50 m from pre-Sale Token). The price of the COIN last softcap for the end of the main Sale Token will be pegged at 0.15 cents EUR per COIN. Information overload is not the problem, there is genius in its simplicity:

An exciting opportunity
Up to 500% bonus if the Token Sale touched hardcap for pre-Sale Token participants who buy in advance
Up to 20% of the net profit of CoinMetro and FXPIG are used to support our Token Buyback Program
The cost of a lifetime discount on both CoinMetro and FXPIG after total 200 million COIN sold
An invitation to a private Token Sales held in our Express or ICO Platform launched by the founders of our

Note The Distribution Of Contributions
Maximum of EUR 7.5 M, based on a percentage of the total contributions that are raised, should be paid to FXPIG; the company agreed to support the program Buyback Token and invest in the development of joint technology trading blockchain.
1Team allocate COIN held and opened during a period of 24 months. Team members will be transferred 25% of their token after 6 months, and then 25% every 6 months thereafter.

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