CoinMetro Selling Crypto On FLY and Cashing Out Crypto instantly

CoinMetro is not a bunch of College wide eyed children who want to bring some intangible concepts into reality. We really have done this before. FXPIG brand is present on the site in 2011 with the aim to disrupt, at that time, the industry is shrouded inbad press.

FXPIG is the first Broker FX that encourage transparency, the first to really focus on the profitability of their clients, to align their goals with the goals of their client, and FXPIG, unlike most, investing in technology that really works. CoinMetro looks to bring these attributes into the crypto space.

Profit Like a Insider
An interesting business opportunity should present the same in return for yanks. Early adopters can get up to 500% bonus based on the value of the COIN the end if we achieve our COIN hardcap 300 million during the event Token Sale we have planned.

More than just a Price Leap

Event CoinMetro Sale unique Token because it offers a tiered bonus which includes not only the price of a token increase but also a lifetime of discounts at CoinMetro and FXPIG, a commitment of the US to support the liquidity of the token and the value of the future, as well as access into the future. -pre-sales event Token.

Show Milestones
The price of the Pre-Token Sale will start from EUR 0.03. The price will be increased by 0.02 EUR 12.5 million after each COIN sold. Hardcap set to 50 m. The selling price of the Token will be starting at 0.11 EUR (if Sold prior to Token-sold out) and increased by 0.01 EUR softcap on every 50 m. Hardcap Token Sale set to 300 m (including 50 m from pre-Sale Token). The price of the COIN last softcap for the end of the main Sale Token will be pegged at 0.15 cents EUR per COIN. Information overload is not the problem, there is genius in its simplicity:

An exciting opportunity
Up to 500% bonus if the Token Sale touched hardcap for pre-Sale Token participants who buy in advance.

Committed to Success
Up to 20% of the net profit of CoinMetro and FXPIG are used to support our Token Buyback Program.

Member Price
The cost of a lifetime discount on both CoinMetro and FXPIG after total 200 million COIN sold.

Insider access
An invitation to a private Token Sales held in our Express or ICO Platform launched by our founders.
Note The Distribution Of Contributions
1Team allocate COIN held and opened during a period of 24 months. Team members will be transferred 25% of their token after 6 months, and then 25% every 6 months thereafter.

CoinMetro Pre-Token Sale Dec 2017 | 500% bonus Token | CM |

Ecosystem exchange of one-of-a-kind that will drive future innovation blockchain.

Buy and sell Crypto
Buy Bitcoin with Ease
Think blockchain is an accessory that is used by some of the iconic rap 90 ‘s to hangaround her neck hood ornament? It does not matter. Open an account, fund the account, click to purchase and get the best rates available.

Instant Withdrawal
Debit card for Generation Crypto

Access to your money now, no agreement, no waiting. A unique idea once. Instant access to cash from the balance of Your Crypto. Easy, fast, and convenient. There is no banking license is needed.

Decentralized Exchange
Matching value institutional class for crypto Chamber
Built from experience, in the complex, easy and intuitive on the outside. Trading is serious business and trading business is not something that you want to leave in the hands of inferior technology.

Give and Take
Crypto loans made easy. Lend, Collect, Repeat
Want to earn interest on the balance of Your CryptoCurrency? Post a Offer, lend some margin, making some flowers. Would like to exchange a higher leverage? Click Accept. Simple and efficient.

Ecosystem exchange of one-of-a-kind that will drive future innovation blockchain
High Leverage Trading OTC Crypto
Crypto meets with Forex
Trade ‘ majors ‘ to leverage 1:50. We offer the highest Leverage Crypto OTC in the industry with digital assets of non-deliverable OTC.

The Board Of Crypto ETF
Diversification in the era of blockchain
Let investors diversify a portfolio CryptoCurrency them with a few simple clicks. Think mutual funds ETF meet meet meet digital asset portfolio management.

Asset management Your investment portfolio
Managers make token TAM contract governed by intelligent blockchain Ethereal. Investors bought this token, the funds placed into the trade, and profits are divided based on the underlying smart contracts.

Vetted ICO Marketplace
The missing part of the ecosystem of ICO
Launch The ICO? Platform Express our great ICO means round a transparent and secure funding for your project and this means Your tokens can be traded and CLEARED immediately after ICO you end up in our major exchanges.

We are the innovators
CoinMetro is not just built on top of voice technology, but is also supported by a team of wonderful people with sufficient experience in everything from the design to the client to support the management of liquidity are adjusted and the architecture trade low latency.

CoinMetro The mission statement is a pretty old school, and while we see ourselves as a schooluniform which is almost new, we still perceive some things as something eternal. So without further ADO …

Simplify Crypto by making it understandable, transparent, and is available for the masses
If you want to slow down the circumstances, if you follow the KYC checks which takes two weeks, or a company which gives vague answers to ask the question directly …. Sorry, but you will be very disappointed

Experience a fantastic Client Centric
Someone famous once said that a good reputation takes years to create and only a few seconds to destroy it. Our client support desk modelled around this premise. Our collective goal is to ensure that the overall experience of your CoinMetro is nothing short of exemplary.

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