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CONNECTIUS– economic Movement which carried out a human being now high enough done in the online world. In the environment around us knew him with terms of buy online or many who have used the term e-commerce. This is one thing that cannot be disclaimed warranties anymore, because when looking at the stats, in the country I inhabit, Indonesia, there have been many economic transactions are moving towards it. Even many connection which have closed  It is not based on due to low purchasing power, but due to the transition of power from conventional to online.

Note, however, that the economic activity online that currently there is not fully secure. Still lots going on fraud committed by persons of certain persons want to rake in profits is not good. The cheating occurred in many e-commerce platform-though not all-because the technology used is still limited to specific models. And this is also included on the complexity of the transaction that has to be done, so it does not make it efficient. Of course this phenomenon much harm users.
Departing from it, through this article I would recommend the one platform that allows it to be a solution from e-commerse shortcomings that exist. His name is Connectius .

Brief Explanation About Connectius
As I’ve alluded to above, Connectius is a great solution for a variety of flaws in the e-commerse services at this time. And to make it happen Connectius using blockchain technology to guarantee the security of the service as well as the effect, i.e. the guarantor will reduce costs of cheating and deception that occurred within the service.

Simply put, I can describe the system technology used by Connectius as follows:
First, in this economic transactions is e-commerce, an online trading activities carried out by the trader and the buyer (including the service) will be required to do a deal. Where this is done in the form of a contract. That is, later in the day between them will not happen a misunderstanding or cheating and fraud. And of course it allows the security provided.

Second, when the transaction was carried out with kesepakan smart contracts, then the payment type used was the currency of crypto, where in this case the Connectius provides its own, namely in tokennya Connectius Token (CNT). And this would make any transaction will establish an ecosystem that is highly profitable. Because with such a security transaction will be secure and transparent, then a service fee will be lower and will make the price of the product also became cheaper, included with the model deals offered this Connectius will provide the opportunity for the presence of the overall discount for all e-commerce around the world.

And although everything was prepared so ripe with the CNT to means of payment, you will also still be able to conduct transactions by using fiat currencies, namely us dollars. As well as the CNT prices will also be shown in us dollars.

Third, because the payment model using CNT technology which is based on blockchain, the user will automatically get the trust viewed from the history of transactions. This becomes one its own advantages where each user will have its own integrity and respect.

The initial offer or opportunity ICO coins (CNT) you can take advantage of to support this Connectius a nice project and gain in the future. Where the application Connectius full beta version launched in December 2017. Overall, the Connentius will sell as many as 31 million CNT during the period of ICO. And this is a great opportunity for you who are interested with what Connectius has to offer.

For information, implementation of the ICO will run starting on November 5, 2017 up to November 20, 2017 (ICO could be changed depending on the policy team). And by buying CNT you can also make transactions as commonly done in the market. And in it you’ll menermukan a wide range of needs such as products and services. Each payment you can do by using the CNT or u.s. dollar.

I guess you will never miss an opportunity that benefits. Because success will not come if you only wait.
To find out more about ICO, or else the whole project about Connectius, you can visit the official website Connectius by following the following links: Connectius ICO Live

Token distribution scheme
The token to be issued in limited quantities. Token distribution will be in the early stages of pre-selling, pre-selling, Early crowdsale and Crowdsale. Nominal price of one Token will be 1 USD. The circular diagram below shows the distribution of the token.

Pre-sale beginning
From 12:00 am 11.5.2017 up 12:00 am 11.10.2017
Minimum purchase amount equals $
25,000. The price is $0.8 CNTT (discount 20%).

From 12:00 am 11.10.2017 up 12:00 am 11.15.2017
Minimum purchase amount is the same as $15,000.
The price is $0.85 CNTT (discount 15%).

Early crowdsale
Of hours 12:00 am 11.15.2017 up 12:00 am 11.20.2017
Minimum purchase amount equals $
10,000. The price is $0.9 CNTT (discount 10%).

Mass downloads 1-5
Starting at 12:00 am 11.20.2017 up 12:00 am 11.27.2017
Minimum purchase amount is the same as $1.
Price CNTT is:
First week: $1
Second week: $1.1
Third week: $1.2
Last week: $1.3
Week five: $1.4

Mass downloads 6-9
from 12:00 am 12.27.2017 up 12:00 am 01.28.2018
The minimum purchase amount of the same becomes $1.
The price is $1.4 CNTT.

The time is considered as per the time zone GMT + 0
Core platform development and application Connectius Connectius. Experts will be parallel within the next two years. A major milestone in this period are: December 2017
Integration of E-wallet in Connecticut Expert
The launch of the token are infected on connectivity.
Paid service provider account creation on connectivity. Expert
Start working on searching and matching for connectivity.

Correction of accounts of contractors on connectivity. Expert
To make this type of accounts service on connectivity. Expert
Develop loyalty promotion program in Connecticut Core
Continue working on searching and matching for connectivity.
Start development of APIs to integrate the core connectivity in collaborative applications
Start the integration of smart contracts
Localization of connectivity. Experts and Connectives Core 2Q2018
Adds end of this type of user account in Connecticut Hopes to join in the appointment in Connecticut
Finally connect the types of company accounts to contractors and service companies in the Connectivity. Expert
Continue working on searching and matching for connectivity.
Continue the development of the API for integration of Connective Core in collaborative applications
Experiment of integration of smart contracts

Continue working on searching and matching for connectivity.

Launch Of Connectivity. Expert 1.0
Continuation of the development of the API for integration into core partner application connectivity (testing phase)

Test the connectivity. Exploitation of smart contract
The findings of the work on search and matching

Launch of Connectivity 1.0
Developed advertising platform based on geographic location data
Developing interfaces for integration with ERP/CRM system type

Support for the Transfer and payment Token for each user that signs on the platforms, purse ERC20 format will be created, where the platform token that will be accumulated. With the support of the platform, users can transfer token in ecosystems and Take them on the services provided by the application. Along with the development of the ecosystem, more and more applications that will be served by platform Connectius. Core. Thus, token platform will find himself in accordance with the application.

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