COVEX Powering Data For the New Equity Blockchain

COVEXThe contract for Covex Smart is based on the erc223 of the next generation, where traders can trade and exchange Kriptokonkursami, copy trade skills and compete with each other in their investment groups. In other words, we do trade in social/copy, margin transactions and payment gateways in a transparent, reliable and reliable manner.

Covextoken, which will be implemented on Ethereum Blockchain in accordance with the standards of erc223, will act as a generating income cryptocurrency. This will allow token holders to earn revenue as transaction fees.
Covex tokens will be available to interested participants during the ICO, which will be launched in May 2018. During the ICO total amount of coins, 250 000 000-25 000 000 * 23% Covex will be issued to interested holders of coins.

In the end, our platform will make trading accessible to all and improve the overall user interface. Our platform will transform the backbone of cryptographic markets, such as startups, actors, traders, consumers, and traders, into a viable ecosystem that promotes the mass implementation of Kriptokonversij.
~ Covex SERVICES Ransgranichnaja Platform Crypto Currencies-Exchange: We will create opportunities for traders and investors to buy, sell and exchange their favorite cryptocurrencies at current and certain prices with a low commission fee.

Social Trading Platform: Our platform will allow users to set their funds and tokens for trading form traders, and top traders can share their trading experience with new users, which helps the new investor Learn more about the market. The platform provides transparency and security, allowing users to fully control their trading funds and investments.

Cross-border margin trading: Our platform will allow traders to borrow or issue markers for margin trading.
Payment Gateway Covex: Our payment gateway will allow our users to trade between KRIPTOVYMI and fiat currencies in the future, such as USD, GBP, and EUR, without much effort. In the future, the wallet service will be supplemented with prepaid cards or credit card that will allow users to quickly access their funds.
P2P Loan Service: Covex will introduce a platform that allows lenders to issue loans to borrowers based on the choice of decision-making package. It will be defined by ML algorithms, which evaluates recommended fraudulent, personal and other rating agencies.

ICO underwritings: Covex will provide a complete package for the new ICO starter, which helps them with smart reviews of the contract code and compliance with the legislation.

~ Covex Platform Team R & D Covex develops a stable, secure platform. When Covexcompetes with its development, it will really be a one-stop platform.
Inside the platform, Covex traders not only exchange cryptocurrencies but also share their ideas, copy trading skills and compete with other transactions in the Covex network. We believe that the social dimension between traders and the exchange of information is invaluable. Covex provides a hybrid trading platform for traders with excellent trading tools, volatility alerts, market updates, current news and a dedicated customer support team.
 Financial security
 Support for multiple cryptocurrency systems
 System security
 High-performance engine
 Unique training opportunities for exhibitors
 Stability of the financial level  The daily bonus that separates the Covex holders
 Invitation Bonus  Fast Trading
 Provides 24/7 online customer services
~ Sale TOKEN  Current Covex is private financing and distribution of payments. Cryptocurrency.
 Pre ICO Beginning May 12, 2018 ending June 8, 2018:3 million Covex
 1st ICO Beginning July 7, 2018 ending on August 3, 2018:81250000 Covex
 2nd ICO Beginning September 1, 2018 ending on September 30, 2018:81250000 Covex

~ Using procedures
2% Bounty and Overhead
3% operating and overhead costs
10% legal and financial expenses
25% branding and marketing
55% development of protocol and software
Road Map
Q3 2017 initial concept and first board meeting
Q4 2017 The technical team was formed for the project, the registered domain and the website
Q1 2018 established marketing team and legal team, white paper
Q2 2018 Alpha version of Exchange, beta version of Exchange, technical documentation and PRE-ICO
Q3 2018 First ICO, second demonstration of ICO and Live Exchange
Q4 2018 Live Full Exchange
Q1 2019 Incubator Services, underwriting services
Q2 2019
P2P Lending Service Platform
Margin Trading and credit platform
Q3 2019 Payment Gateway
Q4 2019 Prepaid Card Services

J. Mohan: Founder and Director General
Elbe. Gimir: Co-founder and chief operating officer
Jyoti Adhikari: Developer Full Stack
M. Junayd Nawaz: Leading Exchange developer
Reza Bahshande: Expert on AI/Big Data
Peter Namisikovanjala: Head of Business development and Products Department
Denis Rogov: Legal Adviser

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