CryptalDash All under one Dashboard, Enabling a Seamless Trading Experience.

Cryptaldash is a reliable platform for exchanging and trading cryptocurrency! Thanks to the convenient tool and mechanism of Cryptaldash, will allow to provide an unimpeded exchange of experience between several exchanges and thus will give an opportunity, for the best price opening.
Let’s talk about this in detail:
Failing financial transactions is one of the acutest problems to date. Many startups are trying to improve financial services and it is easiest to do thanks to the rapid advancement of Blokchein technology.
The Blockchain ecosystem is based on application development, which in turn contributes to the replacement and expansion of standard banking products.
For example cryptocurrency payment systems, purses, centralized and decentralized/hybrid exchanges, one rank lending, money transfer services and various applications that drastically affect the financial services environment.
Such applications are supported based on decentralized Blockchain technology, the so-called “distribution Book”, which promotes transparency, openness and wide reach in the financial environment.!
Scheme of work of “smart” contract and cryptocurrency:
At the moment the ecosystem is at a stage of origin and in this connection, this environment is strongly dispersed through various platforms, each of which performs a set of independent services with a very low level of conversion and synthesis.
To date, in order to make a simple exchange operation, such as Exchange Alt-Currency, you may have to face 3-4 interfaces. This is tantamount to the fact that if you had a bitcoin purse, a purse to exchange and a purse to receive funds.
All these, as well as various switching between platforms, which tend to increase the likelihood of errors (up to 5% of the total transaction cost), represent a major drawback for the average user.
Based on all of the above, the Cryptaldash team comes to the point that in addition to the excellent applications, the ecosystem needs a solution that would enable it to gather information and support decision-making that will be translated into one Platform accessible to all.
Therefore, we believe that this is the best way to ensure the mass implementation of blockchain technology.
Company objectives and Features
The main goal of Cryptaldash is to provide users with a convenient and innovative tool for the development of cryptocurrency and creation without a risk ecosystem and market.
The advantage of Cryptaldash is-high technology and premium services:
• Distribution registers: Unique reports on Zero Interventions transactions from central authorities.
• Open API: Flexible deployment capabilities, through channels. Integrated user interface.
• Smart contracts: Easy to use and easy to set up smart contracts.
• Blockchain: Accurate and consistent immutable recordings.
• Digital Signature: Authentication and Identity protection.
Cryptaldash (CRD) is issued in exchange for several cryptocurrencies, based on an intellectual contract.
Token holders will be able to use CRD tokens to pay for the following services provided by Cryptaldash:
• Payment Fees
• Financing of Payments
And even more active Cryptaldash actions will be presented.
ICO Features and token distribution
Start ICO 15/03/2018-end of ICO 14/04/2018
Token value for ICO time: $0.01
Soft cap: 180 000 000 CRD
Hard cap: 780 000 000 CRD
CRD token allocation scheme:
• 500 000 000 CRD-sale of tokens;
• 180 000 000 CRD-pre-sale tokens;
• 150 000 000 CRD-the team of founders;
• 100 000 000 CRD-the second stage of pre-sale tokens;
• 50 000 000 CRD-advisers;
• 20 000 000 CRD-Program “bounty”;

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