CryptalDash Not Only Enables The Trading Across Platforms and Crypto Assets

CryptalDash Currency conversion cryptocurrency (DCE) is an activity that allows customers to Exchange digital currency or cryptocurrency for other assets, such as fiat currencies are conventional or various digital currency. They may market makers who generally receive bid/need a spread as a transaction Commission for their services or pay only the Commission as a platform.

This traditional method of payment and Exchange digital currency or online business, Exchange e-currencies and digital currencies. DCE has a lot of digital currency exchange that operates outside of Western countries, avoiding coercion and fraud process but DCE often manages the currency laws of the West, sometimes holding bank accounts in various countries and facilitate deposits in various national currencies. Only accepts payments by credit card, bank transfer, money order, cryptocurrency, or other forms of payment in Exchange for digital currencies. They can send cryptocurrency to your personal cryptocurrency. Much can change the digital currency branched into anonymous prepaid taxis can be used to withdraw cash from ATMs worldwide.

CryptalDash is a currency exchange and trading platform cryptocurrency. This machine comes with a matching level of institutional order routing and the ability of third-party crypto. This allows seamless trading experience between multiple exchanges simultaneously and opened the door to the discovery of price or a better arbitration and make it easy for the first party to trade Cryptocurrency.

CryptalDash not only allows trading platform-independent and sources of cryptography but also between platforms with which we can identify price and effective products. CryptalDash has one of the most powerful matching engines in Crypto-Market.

The vision of the program Crypt Dash
We offer real added value for developers by providing a trading platform: at the level of institutional and sophisticated matching engine, the Group’s liquidity aggregate institutional and retail.
Use applications that affect the speed of use of technology, with the tools and technology to integrate multiple platforms effectively to an intuitive and familiar interface to execute timely and multi-platform.
Artificial intelligence tools to support decision making with cryptography and data security.
Our users will benefit from a market that is near perfect, where payment is low, optimization of the use of the money and the solution is always up to date.

Revenue model
Exchange fee: CryptalDash will charge a fixed 0.1% per trade.
Margin: margin Service Fee will have the associated costs associated
Registration fee: Registration Fee will be applied in certain cases
Withdrawal fee: depending on the coin or Token
Other costs: there may be other fees

High-End Technologies & Premium Services
Great book: Distributed transaction records Unique Zero Intervention by Central Authorities.
Open Fire: Flexible Access Through Channels Of Integrated User Experience.
Smart Contracts: Contracts and events which can be adjusted properly.
Blockchain: Recordings that are not regular and consistent.
Digital signature: authentication of identity and protection.

CryptalDash (CRD) to be issued in exchange for a number of Cryptocurrency based on smart contracts. The holder of the Token will be able to use the CRD to pay under service provided by CryptalDash.

Pay The Cost Of Trade
Fund Withdrawal Fees
CryptalDash activity and more Connected will be unveiled

Name: CryptalDash
Symbol: CRD
Token Distribution
Sale Token-500 million
Sales of the pre-token-180 million
Team Founder-150 million
Sales of the Pre-token phase 2 – 100 million
Advisor-50 million
Bounty program-20 million

The Allocation Of The Token

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