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Cryptassist – In today’s article suggest that you disassemble an interesting current project Cryptassist. This project proposes to address the many aspects for people interested in and familiar with the digital world. About digital currencies today knows even a schoolboy! Simply put is a digital currency as its units serve coins (coin). They are protected from the possibility of forgery, representing the encrypted information that is not available to be copied through the use of Cryptography.
The popularity of digital currency as payment means is growing every day. Pay today, perhaps many currency crypto products or services, make charitable contributions, it can be exchanged for real money. You can trade on and multiple crypto exchanges! As Crypto, crypto blockchain currency is a relatively new technology, not everyone is able to use the information freely available to more thoroughly explore the essence of this digital wonder.

Cryptassist is a Web application, in the same way, mobile application with extensive functionality, which offers users access to all cryptographic knowledge, information and tools. This will be the primary use, both for beginners and for experts in the world of digital currencies. Providing unrestricted access to everything in the world of digital assets using important tools, shopping and news notifications to over-the-counter and even debit cards. This platform will be unique in its kind. All resources will be available in one place, but many applications will be free of charge or at a reasonable price.

The main features of the platform: Cryptassist-Crypto-enabled debit card 50 best crypto conversions on the market. Cryptassist app converts digital currency in Fiat, and owner of the card can use it as you would any other debit card.
CryptoGo game-playing this game the participants will receive digital rewards.
-Multiplayer-block Guide feature allows users to search for the transaction history with several coins in one place.
-Cryptassist Exchange-is designed for both beginners and experienced traders.
-Cryptassist Chat pay-users can use encrypted messages using a peer-to-peer protocol, which makes it a decentralized application (DApp). To find other nearby users Cryptassist and add them to their contacts to purchase goods and services, or simply to socialize.

Also in functionality are present equally important functions necessary for users: Cryptassist ICO Assistant: the feature will help project promoters to plan your project and run the ICO to raise capital for the project after careful process validation.
Cryptassist OTC: function to enable risk-free trade, Cryptassist will offer escrow for cryptographic vendors who sell top altcoins.

Cryptassist Freelancer: this function binds the enterprises or individuals who can work together on online Cryptography projects.
Trading decisions: Cryptassist will simplify trade through this tool.
Coins: CTA tokens provide users access to Cryptassist and allow them to pay for all the services proposed in the application.

To implement further plans on the work platform, the company conducts an ICO sale.
ICO started 28 of June and lasts until August 11, 2018
Token: CTA is decentralized, operating on coin its own patented blockchain. CTA can be put on the debit card and use for everyday purchases and used for services on the platform Cryptassist.
10.2 billion will be issued, CTA.
6.75 billion CTA will be sold at the time the ICO and 250 million. CTA will be reserved for the program.
1.5 billion CTA would be reserved for teams (those coins will be blocked for 6 months).
1.725 billion CTA reserved for flights, stock lists, and promotions. Price: token $0.05 Hard cap: $236.25 million Soft Cap: $36.98 million u.s.dollar fiate, bank transfer or PayPal, 100 best cryptocurrencies listed on CoinMarketCap.

The distribution of funds received during 25% of sales will go towards operating costs.
18% will be spent on marketing and business development.
20% reserved for research and development.
18% of the proceedings will be included in the Cryptassist Product, development and maintenance of the application and all other products.
12% is reserved for the reward team and expansion team.
2% will be directed to non-profit organizations, reforestation, and conservation of the oceans.
5% move on legal and other aspects of Cryptassist.
Bounty program for the company identified a pool of $250 million. CTA. The program has already begun and will end on completion of the sale.

CryptassistOne of the motivational bonuses provided by the company for the participants of ICO, this drawing of an electric car, the Tesla Roadster, For acquisition of CTA tokens to the sum of 250 dollars. receive a free ticket for the raffle vehicle. For example, the purchase of $1000 dollars United States will give you four tickets. At the end of ICO generator, online numbers will determine the lucky winner.
In conclusion, I would like to note the ecosystem Cryptassist will become a unique platform for users of any skill level, interested in the new vejanem century kriptovaljuta and everything connected with it.

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