CryptF presents a set of cryptocoins backed by blue-chip stocks and bonds

CrypTF creates a new set of cryptocoins, which was first supported by the stocks and bonds. We present an opportunity for all social classes to participate in the global financial market. Past the limitations of geographical trading, the need for a bank account, and a costly middle-men.
We create the opportunity for every crypto holders to invest in corporate stocks and bonds in developing countries. CryptF cryptocoins is a product of collective-based instruments/investment blockchain. The coins will be traded on exchanges such as Crypto and crypto coins available for anyone to buy. What makes CryptF unique coin is a reliable support stock and bond with blue-chip. The price of coins with a value of hard-wired securities market related at the moment. Coin CryptF lets you invest into a market segment, which is indicated by a set of derivative fixed coins associated with it. The investment portfolio managed by the CryptF so that the whole experience completely hassle free for holders of the coins.
Able to participate in the global financial market directly from Your kriptowallet.
The price of the coin is awake with reliably tracked on a stock or bond index.
Transparent portfolio.
Low operating costs for investors.
High liquidity of coins. CryptF warrant repurchase coins without conditions from investors both directly and on an exchange of crypto.
CFIT token details.
CPTF  Token.
Token-based smart contracts CPTF  based in Ethereal blockchain. The token will be transmitted only over a period of ICO. Any buyer needs to use token wallet compatible ERC-20. To purchase a token CPTF , buyers need to transfer supported crypto to the contract address. Smart contracts transferring CPTF  token back to the buyer’s address. Each payment will occur before or after the ICO will be cancelled and returned without a sign of CPTF  emitted.
CPTF  token we will participate in the redistribution of corporate profits and could become a future source of passive income. We believe that this token value will grow along with the positive correlation with number of cryptocoins emitted. It is based on the Ethereal block is currently the standard blockchain Protocol for ICO’s most prominent.
The distribution of profits.
CryptF will share 40% profit kuartalannya to smart CPTF  contract. This information will be published on the site CryptF. Every holder of a token will be notified using the contact information provided. Profit will be divided proportionately in accordance with the number of tokens in the user holding. Each payment will be made on ET.
About the token.
We emit the token CPTF . Tokens don’t expire and allow the owner to take part in the quarterly distribution of income. Earnings per token should be transferred to the ETH use smart contracts CPTF .
Once complete, the ICO token crypto can be traded on exchanges. The token is not sold must be discarded.
Token Name CPTF  Total Issue Volume 90 million token is the total volume of issue
The soft Cap of  150,000 (ETH 500) is the minimum amount required in order that the project can proceed.
Whether The Token Is Set?
Yes, a token is discarded the initial price of unsold ETH 0.001 per token
The distribution of 70% Token token is available for sale for ICO, the company’s reserves is 21%, 9% is the po.
Investment acquired during Initial Coin Offering (ICO) will speed up the start of the project as well as provide strategic marketing for quick acceptance kriptool out on crypto exchanges. The growing number of cryptocoins that are available will directly translate into revenue growth.
The Fund financed should be used to create infrastructure, product development, organization of trade exchange crypto, and support liquidity of coins.
The price of the initial token is 0.001 ETH or equivalent. The total number of token CPTF  is 90 million (90 million), of which 63 million will be offered in a round of ICO, 18.9 million will be in the reserves of the company, and 8.1 million will be distributed to the team.
The token is a token CPTF  functional utility in CryptF ecosystems. CPTF  token instead of securities, such items are non-refundable, not for speculative investments. Cryptf does not guarantee the performance of, dividends, or the stability of the future.
December 13, 2017, 1 pm UTC-December 26, 2017, 13:00 UTC
The size of the offer is limited in the amount of 15 million (15 million) CPTF 
ICO Round 1
January 4, 2018, 1 pm UTC-January 24, 2018, 13:00 UTC
The size of the deals are restricted to 30 million (30 million) CPTF 
ICO round 2
February 8, 2018, 1 pm UTC – 21 February 2018, 13:00 UTC
The size of the offer is limited in the amount of 6 million (6 million) CPTF 
ICO round 3
March 1, 2018, 1 pm UTC – March 14, 2018, 13:00 UTC
The size of the deals are restricted to 12 million (12 million) CPTF 
All tokens that are not sold will be discarded.
CryptF reserves the right to change the date and the length of the ICO rounds before starting.
Daily progress in the technology blockchain and new national regulations can change the favorite market overnight. The right direction is to diversify Your portfolio of crypto in various financial instruments to minimize risk exposure and enhance long-term benefits. We strive to create products that will bring stability on the proprietorship crypto You are burning it in real world economics.
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