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Crypto Circle X  We live in a world of innovation where our society is pushed forward by finding solutions to current problems. The necessity of an existing medium of exchange led to the appearance of the exchange when people would change a product for another product. The system was later improved when people began using cow shells, metal coins, and paper money.
Centuries later, in 1800 BC, a creative concept incorporated the best aspects of paper money with coins and it allowed the central bank to generate money to be the precious metals supported. The desire to create a better system has resulted in the creation of credit cards in 1946 and the demand for faster transactions for the arrival of electronic money in 1990 BC.
In 2008, Satoshi Nakamoto posted an article titled “Bitcoin: Peer-to-peer electronic cash system” eventually resulted in the appearance of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. They need a place where people can safely trade them and as such, the trading platform has emerged. However, the current trading platform is flawed and there is still plenty of room to improve.
A new project built on top of Ethereum blockchain comes with a blown mind innovation that will determine what we know is exchanging electronic money.

Meet Crypto Circle Exchange
Since the appearance of the first electron money a decade ago, an industry has gradually begun to form around it, with many cards and coins into the market every month. The only way to start trading them is through e-currency exchanges. However, because this is still a young industry, there are a lot of problems that may encounter. Over the years, many of the existing trading decks have been attacked because of the poor security they offer and a lot of unfortunate vendors have lost the assets of electronic money. Besides, another important issue is the inferior liquidity issue, with the cryptographic market unable to handle large orders without changing the value related to the associated currency. This is the main reason why electronic coins have increased fluctuations that ultimately affect all of us.
The transaction has a slow processing time in high volume trading and a high transaction fee from 0.25% to 0.3% when dealing with any transaction made by both parties relating to transactions.
One of the most known issues is the lack of proper customer support that makes many investors take investment opportunities. When dealing with market fluctuations, speed is very important and when encountered errors on a platform, it is important to have access to guidelines and proper support.
Crypto Circle Exchange comes with a different approach by building the entire ecosystem focusing on the needs of the trading house. They will have more privacy specific to their users, such as protection CloudFlare to protect against DDoS, sensitive data with AES 256 records, 2FA Google Authenticator, secured cards with multi-signature wallet, the asset storage system. For their clients residing in EU member countries, the trading platform is fully compliant with GDPR.
Crypto Circle X  The Exchange platform is developed in the Golang programming language, extremely fast and capable of processing millions of transactions per second with a latency of 40 nanoseconds. 
To ensure the stability of the market, the real-time market oversight, monitoring, and monitoring of the system adhere to suspicious transaction activities such as large transactions, cross-trade transactions, laundry services, spoofing, subclass, stuffing, hammer, and ignition.
This exchange comes with a reasonable transaction fee of 0.2% of the transaction fee, Bot AI, automated trading tools with technical analysis, transaction alerts and many other useful resources that will help users during their trading process.
 CCX is an ERC20 utility token running on the Ethereum blockchain that will reduce the transaction fee down to 0.1% and it can be both participants in the transaction process used. Token can also be used to enable advanced features, such as AI bot, technical analysis charts and many other things.
Crypto Circle Exchange is currently undergoing ICO, and you can be part of this great project from early stages and buy their cards with Ethereum at a discounted price from their official site. The soft capital is us$3 million and the capital is $20 million.
The aggregate supply of CCX is 300 million and 223 million CCX can be purchased in their ICO.
Crypto Circle X  In summary, Crypto Circle X is a solid project, supported by the honest group that plans to become the change that they hope to see in the existing E-money exchange. Their experience and determination will take the cryptographic industry to a new height, by offering an electronic money revolution and the blockchain asset exchanges focusing on speed, the safety, scalability and customer support 24/7 Professional.

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