GIMMER platform will open the world trade automatic crypto to new traders. Experienced traders can build a trading strategy and rent it through bot Gimmer, giving them a passive income. It will interest a trader familiar with the crypto but will also bring in experienced traders from outside the sector of crypto will see the opportunity to apply their skills to this new market.

Beginners do not need to spend days learning the ins and outs of each of the cryptocurrency, they can rent bots by programme trading strategies built by other traders or choose to be built by a team of Gimmer, some among them will be using the technology of AI. This will make it easier for bots on the mass market to engage in crypto trade automatically  that they need is an account with an Exchange official.

Currently, only some platforms that offer automatic trading but also require the expertise of the expert programming and knowledge of the market cryptocurrency, simply provide the solution to a small group of traders experienced cryptocurrency. Gimmer will revolutionize this marketplace, using the bot AI and trading that has the ability to create and test a different strategy and will be recommending, based on therisk profile of the user, the most profitable trading strategies. This will also remove emotion from your trading.

What is Token Gimmer?

Gimmer token or GMR is Cryptococcus ERC20 which means based on Ethereal. Gimmer token only has value in the ecosystem of Gimmer, they can be used to pay for the trading bots and other services such as hiring strategies of user Gimmer, hiring investment portfolio strategy, a strategy of lending and lots more.

What ecosystem Gimmer it?
Gimmer ecosystem is a social trading platforms for people who are interested in crypto-crypto. There are a variety of ecosystem services including auto loans and tradecrypto crypto.

What will determine the price of a Token Gimmer?
So in stock, the value of the token Gimmer (GMR) may fluctuate with the demand and market conditions.

There are an estimated 26 million people trade crypto worldwide. With more than 1,200 species, and new ones are created every day, there are many things to be learned for all traders. To find this information, a lot of research needs to be done, who is also spending valuable time. The daily trading volume typically exceeds $11B, with the overall market share of more than $440 billion.

Our goal is to attract the attention of the trade sector of the crypto and also createda new home for pulling the whole community a new trader and growing space. This will be the new traders with experience at least as well as experienced traders new to crypto that want to create their own automated trading strategy for rent and thus get a yardstick that can be exchanged.

The Gimmer Token (GMR), published in accordance with the law specified by DLT HM Government of Gibraltar. GMR token used to populate automated trading bots, adjusting strategy with indicators, safeties and some currency pairs and hiring strategies trading bots from other users. GMR was also used to reward and give incentives to customers through various affiliate schemes and social benefit to the community.GMR is the only payment accepted at Gimmer ecosystem. The token can be exchanged for GMR Exchange kriptocurrency.

Token Structure
Maximum supply: 110 million GMR
Available in presale: 15 million GMR
Available in a public token: 85 million sale of the GMR (plus presale token which is not sold)
Soft Cap: 4,800 ETH
Hard cap: 35,000 ETH

Maximum Bounties, Advisory Team, and backup: GMR 10 million
The amount of the gift made to the GMR, reserve Advisor, and the team would be equivalent to 10% of the total number of the issued token GMR (Tokens sold plus bonus o! ered). Bounties: + 4% of the total of the issued token. Advisor, the team’s backup & team: + 6% of the total issued token

Received crypto: AETHER (ETH)
Exchange rates: 1 ETH = 2,500 GMR (plus bonus)
The minimum transaction Presale: 30 ETH
The minimum transaction token public sale: 0.1 ETH

The structure of the bonus Tokens
Presale bonus
1,000 ETH and above will receive a 40% Bonus + GMR Token.
300 to 999 ETH ETH will receive a Bonus of 30% + GMR.
30 to 299 ETH ETH will receive a 25% Bonus + GMR Token.

General Token Bonus
We will open a public token sales with 20% bonus, which would be down 5% every week until the sale expires or all maximum limit is reached.

Week 1 + 20% Bonus contribution on all Token GMR
Week 2 + 15% Bonus contribution on all Token GMR
Week 3 + 10% Bonus contribution on all Token GMR
Week 4 + 5% Bonus contribution on all Token GMR

The Date Of The Sale Of Tokens
Presale start: 17 January 2018
Presale completed: January 31, 2018 or when close presale has been reached.
The demand for public goods start: February 1, 2018
Public: token sales date February 28, 2018 or when the maximum limit is reached

GMR Token Issuance
GMR token to be issued as each transaction is confirmed. GMR token will be visible in Your ERC20 wallet but GMR Token cannot be traded until Token Sales closed on 28 February 2018.

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