Cryptolancers Platform is a Decentralized peer-to-peer Freelancing

CryptoLancer  is a new decentralized platform that is designed to make freelance work more efficient and easier. Cryptolancers is the best value for money, time and quality while ensuring full satisfaction of customers ‘ needs. This platform will significantly increase the speed of payments, which will make the job easier, find all the answers to the requirements of freelancers, helping people to implement their projects, using freelancers to solve various difficulties on the way to the goal.
The Cryptolancers platform is based on blockchain technology, which means that security is increased and possible risks associated with fraud are reduced. The use of distributed computing solutions will provide an opportunity to eliminate the common problems that often arise in such systems during transactions of online payments.
Goals and Objectives
1. Reach the level of the international platform where the cryptolancers coins are included in the top 10 ICO on the market.
2. Connect the platform Cryptolancers existing functional services and make them available to all comers.
3. To become the main and non-interchangeable platform for projects of different areas all over the world.
4. Easy to expand, provide new and improved opportunities for customers.
Customer Requirements
1. The client wants to receive the offer which will be the best in all significant parameters, and it is the highest and advantageous in quality, price, and speed of processing.
2. An important requirement is to ensure the safety of their projects.
3. The client wants all necessary and important to be on one platform, that the work was easy, the minimum cost from the financial point of view and effective.
What does Cryptolancers offer?
Decentralized payment service of plugins;
Transaction costs are less than 2%;
Decentralized point feedback;
Decentralized web hosting;
Cryptolancers offers market stability and seeks profit for its investors.
Price expectations
CryptoLancer  In the near future, the expected volume of CLT will be 60 000 000, its distribution is at the end of this year. In the further two rounds on the basis of the interest, it is offered its sale.
In accordance with the foregoing, it is possible to estimate the approximate value of CLT for 2018.
Based on the estimated value for the Cryptolancers member token on Q1, the predictable market for CLT will be $0.7. CLT prices will continue to grow in different proportions-from $1.1 in Q2 to $1.7 in the third quarter. By the fourth quarter, it is predicted that the price of CLT will increase to 2.8 USD.
Cryptolancers experts make estimates based on the value of the token, calculate and make predictions for CLT prices, using the expected number of tokens for distribution at the end of the year.
About CLT Tokens
Ethereum Platform
ERC20 type
Cryptographic markers Analysis Kriptoalkogolja at this time
Pre-sale price $1 0.200
Maximum number of tokens to be sold:
5 000 000 100 000 000 (5%)
Minimum purchase Amount: US $10 000
Pre-Sale 2 Price: US $0.375
Maximum number of tokens to be sold:
10 000 000 100 000 000 (10%)
Minimum purchase Amount: US $1000
Price ICO: $ + 0498
Maximum number of sold
Tokens: 22 500 000 of 100 000 000 (22.5%)
Minimum purchase Amount: 0.5 ETH
Cryptolancer Total token: 1 500 000 USD.
Kriptolasternye totes for hard drives: 11 250 000 USD

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