Crypto Market Cloud Investing is a goal for everyone. In order to live our tomorrow more securely, we aim to invest our savings in the right spots and earn income. When making our investments, everyone invests in the areas that they choose according to their knowledge. These areas, such as gold, currency, interest, stock, bonds, bonds, such as housing, land, workplace, such as the real estate sector can be. Investors who invest in financial markets and who like to take risks can invest in Forex market or different commodities. Investors who have the necessary knowledge and information are now investing outside the borders of the country with the advantages of technology and have a lot of alternatives in this area. Investments can now be made easily at global levels.
Blockchain technology also gives us great innovations, and everyone believes that the technological developments of the future will be one of the most important positions. The security of our digital assets and transactions is a very important situation for us. Crypto Market Cloud Many solutions are being developed in the financial sector, especially in the digital world. The blockchain platform has been successfully used in many projects thanks to its advantages such as high security, transparent structure, lack of centralized, fast and agentless. The crypto money of these projects is very popular nowadays. Crypto is supported by many successful studies that have been developed to overcome the problems experienced in the use of daily life and trade. I would like to tell you about a new project that will greatly contribute to investors who want to invest in crypto money, this project is called Cryptomarket Cloud. About the project 
Crypto Market Cloud (CMC) is creating a new platform that uses the Autocontrol system to eliminate security concerns to invest in cryptocurrencies. Even though this platform is already an advanced and working system which is the web hosting platform of Ico, Crypto Directory, Krypto, Blockchain and News, this project is a new ecosystem built with an auto control system with broader pre-security measures. Developing. It aims to have a new, self-sufficient platform that is fully considering investors and protecting them.
CMC is based on the benefits of Ico to create an ecosystem that will lead to the next major changes in the global capital markets. In addition to providing a legitimate way to purchase security measures, CMC will allow decentralizing investments in pre-seeds, adopting the unique capabilities of blockage technology. The token of existing assets saves 5% in total to leave with revenue streams or other hybrid security markers for the original owners of CMC tokens.
The purpose of the crypto Market Cloud platform:
To make the top-level crypto Market Cloud Services publicly compatible, providing a publicly available service that each participant can easily gain access to.
The use of blockchain technology, separated from traditional systems, to provide a peer service in which participation consists of the individual majority.
To design a platform where individuals who do not have any knowledge of cryptocurrencies can perform their operations very easily and gain gains, and also use their own currency in crypto Market Cloud services, the central Build the ecosystem, providing management with intelligent contracts and Autocontrol in a non-structure.
TOKEN and Ico Info:
With the crypto market Cloud buckle, the costs are greatly reduced, such as 50%, allowing participants to perform less costly transactions in the crypto market. The crypto Market Cloud Token Service consists of the following building blocks:
(1) Storage
(2) Computer/process
(3) Bandwidth
(4) Crypto market cloud applications
(5) Payments and invoicing
Token Symbol: CMC
Platform: Ethereum
Token type: ERC-20
Total Token Quantity: 120 million CMC
Token Quantity to be sold: 70 million CMC
Softcap: 10,000 USD
Hard cap: None
Pre-Sale Price: 1 ETH = 480 CMC
Price: 1 ETH = 377 CMC
Accepted currencies: BTC, ETH, LTC
Whitelist: Yes
KYC: Yes
Crypto Market Cloud The crypto funds still do not fully trust new investors because we do not yet have the ability to fully use it in everyday life, such as other currency currencies. With this project, investors will resolve their concerns and protect the investors in the system will improve the market. I think this project will be successful and you can create your own opinion about the project in order to reach the more detailed information on the following links in the ongoing Ico phase.

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