CryptoMarketCloud – The Worlds First Platform That is Solely Designed to Benefit the Investor

Crypto Market Cloud  In 2017, leading cryptocurrencies such as BTC, Eth, XRP reached the highest value of all time in the bull market. The market volume has been expanded and everyone has invested in foreseeing that it will increase further. But things didn’t go as expected. Nearly 92% of the crypto money market investors lost money last year, reducing the total market volume from 820 billion to 200 billion dollars. There’s no way we can get it back when we hurt the investment. If it’s over, no one can fix it, there’s nothing to be done about it. It is important to ensure that your investment is not subject to speculation and that it works with good, real and honest business practices. But how are we going to do that? That’s where crypto Market Cloud comes in.

Why CMC?
Crypto Market Cloud has an advanced and working product, which is already the hosting platform of Ico, Crypto Directory, Crypto, the blockchain, and News. But now, it has produced a complete ecosystem. Crypto Market Cloud is an already developed and working product. The platform’s cryptocurrency exchange will focus solely on enumerations for token generation, security, and equality tokens.

You can start by creating your security or equality token in the blockchain of the platform.After that, your STO will be listed in the crypto Market Cloud of the platform to collect donations. During this cycle, the platform will promote your STO to all subscribers with the help of all media channels. After successfully completing the financing tour, the local crypto will follow a guaranteed stock market list on the currency exchange.

The purpose of the Crypto Market Cloud project; By differentiation from traditional systems, the use of blockchain technology is to provide an inter-peer service where participation is individual. It also aims to provide a public service and make it publicly compatible with the services that each participant can easily access. Crypto Market Cloud  Even those who do not have any knowledge in the cryptocurrency field can easily perform transactions and profit from the platform design and use their own token in crypto Market Cloud services, a decentralized structure, intelligent Aims to create ecosystems provided by contracts and Autocontrol.

Crypto market Cloud is built on the advantages of an ICF to create an ecosystem that will bring the next major change in global capital markets. Crypto Market Cloud will ensure that investments are decentralized by adopting the unique capabilities of blockchain technology and also providing a legal way to purchase security tokens.

Token Information:
The Token name is CMC. The token is the standard Utility ERC 20, which is currently created on the Ethereum network and capable of doing all other standard ERC20 tokens.

Just like any other blockchain platform, Crypto Market Cloud is known to benefit from its own utility tokens. These tokens are used for a variety of purposes within the boundaries of the platform.

Token Symbol: CMC
Platform: Ethereum
Token type: ERC-20
Total token quantity: 120 million
Token amount to be sold: 70 million
Softcap: $10,000
Hard cap: None
Pre-Sale Price: 1 ETH = 480 CMC
Price: 1 ETH = 377 CMC
Accepted currencies: BTC, ETH, LTC
Whitelist: Yes
KYC: Yes

Conclusion :
Crypto Market Cloud  It can be concluded that crypto Market Cloud is the first self-contained ecosystem. This platform is the first instance of its type. The project’s Whitepaper and website are examined, and despite these bad market conditions, it is clear that the future is bright. I say don’t miss the opportunity to invest in this beautiful project, and as always, I suggest you thoroughly review the whitepaper website and the team before investing.


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