Cryptonetix Next Generation Analytics For the Cryptocurrency Markets

CRYPTONETIX  is on its way to establishing itself as an investment platform analytics & blockchain dominant. It has features and methodologies not seen before in the world of Blockchain. This is the reason they are seen as the main aggressors in the global investment arena. Cryptonetix no startup is still young, it was “made by traders for Traders”. Companies report that they are looking to raise $3.9 million for analysis platform, then later a total of $17 million which includes a wide range of investment funds. Cryptonetix aims to be the premier blockchain asset management, analytics, platforms of funding and resources to market Cryptocurrency built in the Ethereum Platform.

Cryptonetix has announced that they are partnering with BullPay, which is famous for building a platform of crypto-reception is very safe for global customers and also recently partnered with the gift of a portal for the gift of the campaign. ICO pre-sale shows great promise and now is the time to get in on this great offer ICO. Pre-sale will end and ICO will start at 11/15/2017. The token will symboled as “CIX”.

Some of the outstanding features of Cryptonetix:
Dashboard: the Dashboard will be a central place for users to find optimal asset blockchain for trade and investment. Cryptonetix’s platform will feature intuitive algorithmic indicators and heatmaps showing the hottest pair of cryptocurrency based on price action, volume, technicals and fundamentals. They will combine the blockchain up to the minute news and provides live audio and video updates from crypto analysts of their currencies.

Analytics will be based on non-AI and AI algorithms involve heavy technical indicators to find a leader in the packaging of the usual, less attractive asset Cryptocurrency. They will give you a detailed analysis that ties directly into our platform and the dashboard heatmaps. Including the analytics show the Fibonacci, Elliott wave, harmonic and much more.

one of the most attractive features of the Cryptonetix platform will be their alerting system.
They create a notification service that will send you timely updates by Telegram, email, SMS and Push notifications in their mobile application levels of support and resistance, Fibonacci retracement, fundamentally breaking news main and pullbacks to the ideal entry level so as to allow you to make trading decisions of the concrete.

funding their features of the platform will utilize the ability to Fund Managers to create new funds on a Cryptonetix platform so that investors can subscribe to a range of investment funds
offered, thus becoming entitled to receive monthly, quarterly, or yearly payment currency to gain an advantage. In addition, Cryptonetix will display some of the investment funds they host, and they are holding signs they will receive quarterly payments on profits. Their funds tracking system will allow you to find the best performing funds.

They will show a rich portfolio management features including the ability to watch all your assets profit loss, track price changes real-time to the bottom line as well as the ability for users to offer their portfolio for viewing by other users so they can get a feel for what others are trading. Portfolio management will cover everything to keep track of your assets throughout the day, week, month and year and provide in-depth feedback on how your assets has been conducted on the horizon at this point.

Platform resources section will feature News aggregation, traders education of traders and investors including technical chart setup, fundamental analysis and they are also working on streaming audio News service that will give up to the minute Crypto currency news about market blockchain.

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