Cryptonity – Simple But Strong and Meaningful

Cryptonity is a combination of two words: Crypto and Community. Simple but strong and meaningful, our goal is an exchange that is respected by the cryptocurrency Community. We strive to provide the market with the most complete, safe, transparent and

Cooperative exchange platform.
We want to bring good vibes to Crypto World by breaking the “profit” policy of most exchanges.
We will release our own token called Cryptonity token with the Xny ticker.
Our cryptonity token will be run initially in the Ethereum blockchain. In the near future, we plan to develop our own Blockchain, and we will start working on it immediately after the sale of Token sale.
The cryptonity current will be the token of the utility, and therefore its price will be related to its utility. Our token will give the owners a 50% discount on cryptonity Exchange payment.
It will also allow its owners to participate in such specific features as voting for the “coin of the Month”. Creating Exchange cryptocurrencies is not an easy task. Creating an exchange that provides a complete set of tools and functions is an even more challenging task. At Cryptonity we realize the time, self-investment, passion, and hard work as the project.

But we believe that current exchanges, including those that have been on the market for a long time, can be improved in many ways. Perfection is very difficult to achieve, but we strive to approach it as much as we can.

Based on our experience using cryptocurrency as traders and miners who have been active users of existing platforms, we believe that we have the knowledge and skills needed to create an exchange of cryptocurrencies, which you so Long waited.

We also believe that in an Exchange project, as with any other business, the client is the king, and it should be treated like a king or queen. Our user’s customers are those who use our tools, trust to keep their money safe, and thus help us gain reputation and trust in the market. Therefore, they deserve to be listened to and treated cautiously.

Problems with current exchanges
From our point of view, we see two different categories of cryptocurrency exchanges: The big players, on the one hand, and the rivals on the other side.
Those we subjectively call applicants do not care about their users or clients and do not seem to be concerned about their accuracy. Most of them list all the coins that agree to pay their expensive fees, and that’s all. They do not interact with their customers, make no improvements (such as user interface upgrades) and focus only on maximizing their revenue. They are often not transparent at a point where it is sometimes difficult for us to understand how some users can trust them and attract their money on these exchanges. Cryptonity We think this is because some coins with a “low lid” are only available on these exchanges.

As for the big players, we also have a lot of questions. Are these real companies? Are they regulated? Do they have plans to support FIAT? Do they have a bank account? Where are they based? Are their platforms really safe? Is there any insurance if our money will be stolen? Can we talk to anyone in the chat? Can we call them in case of an emergency? And the list goes on. After all, it’s all about security and transparency issues. It’s actually even worse for big players because they are the main target for hackers and thieves.

We could write a book about the problems associated with the exchange of cryptocurrencies, and those mentioned above are just a few of the very long list of things that the market can do better. At the same time, we understand that the exchange is connected with many problems and risks. In addition to security and transparency issues, we have also noticed problems related to user experience, such as lack of trading tools, insufficient language support, slow output processes, and so forth.

At Cryptonity , we strive to provide the market with the most comprehensive, secure, transparent and collaborative exchange platform.
One of the key aspects of our project is security. We want to provide our users with the most secure trading platform. To achieve this goal, we will work with the best-known security experts in the market, audit twice a year by independent security companies and report the audit results to all of our users.. To move forward, guaranteeing our users the most secure trading experience, we will install an insurance policy to return our users in case of loss due to an attack. More detailed information about our insurance policy you can find in the section “Principles of Exchange”.

Another very important aspect is the interaction with our users. It is more natural for us to involve our users in the evolution of our platform. We will have different channels of communication that will be open to interacting with our users, and we will immediately respond to the requests of our users. We want our community to be involved in the evolution of the platform, in terms of the functions being developed, the coins to be listed, and so on. The query feature will be implemented for users so they can send the features they would like to see on the platform. Last but not least, we work hard to provide our users with a comprehensive and ergonomic set of trading tools, including a large number of languages.

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