CRYPTOSOUK– Nowadays, blockchain in general and Crypto, in particular, are becoming an extremely hot topic, referred to and discussed everywhere, from public affairs, offices to cafes, eateries, even sidewalk waterfalls. They discuss all of the hot issues of blockchain as from application blockchain into life, the information about fake ICO, value Bitcoin… but in general, all are around a problem, trading electronic money. And in order to meet the demand for electronic money trading in the Middle East in particular and the whole world in general, the Cryptosouk project was born.

Cryptosouk has launched an e-money trading platform from ST. Vincent & Grenadines and Kuwait. The exchange will be launched in the first quarter of 3 years 2018 with the transaction pair support Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Dash, Zcash, and Monero. The company plans to continue adding transaction support to additional encryption properties that the company feels exceeds a certain minimum. The Cryptosouk exchange also allows the account to be downloaded with an electronic payment. Based on the experts of the founding team, Cryptosouk chose partners to help Cryptosouk provide both exchange, liquidity on the Cryptosouk transaction platform and the scope of funding options.

The vision of Cryptosouk is to build a place for the next generation Digital asset exchange for the house at every skill level, with the purpose of generating digital currency trading accessible for everyone. Cryptosouk also commits to enhance the customer’s transaction experience with the implementation of fast transactions, reasonable prices, world-class customer service, endless improvement and infinite creation.

The advantages of Cryptosouk:
• A visual transaction interface for leading users:
Cryptosouk is a leading trading and financial technology company. Cryptosouk has built the best digital content exchange by focusing on the needs of professional trading and digital currency experts. Cryptosouk commits to making digital currency trading accessible, fast and completely secure.
• Major digital currency trading or Fiat coins
Cryptosouk offers all the major digital currency pairs and fiat that you like the transaction.
 Purchase order
Update the Cryptosouk purchase book in real time and display the purchase and sale orders with a direct spread calculation so that you can always lock at the lowest spreads and get the best incentive. Cryptosouk’s order system also automatically calculates fees and includes them in order of price so that you always know what you see is what you will pay. For larger orders, Cryptosouk offers the ability to report blocking transactions to ensure that the market will not move against you before your orders are made. The types of orders are available for both conventional transactions and blocks including markets, limits stop, and six other types.
• Transaction Tracking
To help you be able to track your transactions and transaction history, the Cryptosouk platform includes the integrated ability to save the current chart view into JPEG. Cryptosouk also provides custom area measurement tools to find the duration, change the percentage and change the price, so you don’t have to do it manually. Finally, Cryptosouk provides users the ability to create multiple custom reports including commercial activity, transaction activity, and bank operations and save these reports as CSV to facilitate return tracking. The Exchange platform has been built from the foundation of high-level programming specialists and electronic funds to emphasize redundancy, accuracy and speed. The foundation of the Cryptosouk is built on Streamdb database that is embedded custom and combines error checking and multiple file targeting. Cryptosouk also replication and backups all data exchanges in real time so that your transactions and user data are always safe.

-Cryptosouk has a strong team:
Cryptosouk‘s development team consists of members who have the highest economic, financial, investment and banking skills, with years of experience in the areas they have been operating. Along with experienced advisors, the development team is perfectly prepared to provide a perfect shipping platform for the global market. The team is led by David Dubrulle-co-founder and also the CEO of the project (David Dubrulle is an entrepreneur who has 20 years of financial experience, investment throughout Europe and the Middle East with expertise in investment banking, corporate finance, investment consultant, capital Market assurance and collective investment Plan) and Gene Hoffman-co-founder and board member (he is an experienced entrepreneur and former NASDAQ executive director. Currently an adviser to the division of the Network, he also serves as a temporary member of the Board of Trustees and CTO for the In addition, the main team also has 02 specialists and a world-class talent Advisory Board consisting of 05 people in the financial services sector, sales, media, payment, marketing, and blockchain…

Cryptosouk has the idea of groundbreaking, documenting and web-designed beautifully, reasonably:
here is a nice, eye-catching, and easy-to-see interface that contains the necessary information about the sale and exchange. To show the professionalism of the team in the operation of the project.
It contains information on the project, group, roadmap, and ICO. This white book is very nicely designed and detailed information is illustrated. This has illustrated the great effort that the Cryptosouk team has put into this project.

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