CRYPTOTASK Let Us Disrupt a Trillion Dollar Industry

CRYPTOTASK Is a new platform-based blockchain which works on creation of the essence of the job creation and keeping security so it will be easier in future by deciding the industry freelance
Technically, this Platform to build task-based market blockchain system consisting of clients, freelancers and reviewer
A number of people choose the developer’s philosophy concept of crypto and currency markets since that time to make the fixes are relatively in almost all . Soon after, another platform appears in an effort to properly and completely decentralize the money market and other sectors. Ethereal Blockchain platform was launched. Ethereal block which is a Turing complete machine decentralized platforms that theoretically allow other projects to implement their logic on top of the platform, rather than building a new blockchain from the abrasion normally have problems scalability To get more complete information about how technical platforms and equipment, download White his paper reporting on

CRYPTOTASK Let Us Disrupt a Trillion Dollar Industry
CRYPTOTASK Let Us Disrupt a Trillion Dollar Industry

CrytpoTask to eradicate and reduce all agencies, individuals and people who follow the training of employees. It also proved that all forms of recruitment processes to be precise and deliberate. In addition, it has focused on the achievement of goals and objectives tertent
Technically, this Platform to build task-based market blockchain system consisting of clients, freelancers and reviewer. Post offer of employment offer clients, the moneylenders Act to these and reviewers are shareholders who put down a deposit, at least equal to the value of the task they want to review, and specify their field of expertise

The problem of scalability is a major problem facing the platform coupled with lack of proof-of-Stake and certainly not support sharding challenges system has underlined that the number of calculations in a higher being. As a corollary, the Ethereal gas prices cannot be predicted so that building on it is not worth doing. Instead, there is a need to build a new blockchain from scratch that will apart from numeric manipulation
how the platform is intended to support a large community of people who will be queuing up to in the vision of the developer platform

CRYPTOTASK Let Us Disrupt a Trillion Dollar Industry

A platform-based blockchain must have the token in which it will work to achieve a program that has been direncanankan so that it will run in accordance with the map perjalannan the platform that has been designed by the founders of this platform.
ICO started fastest crypto in the market in October and November 2017, which will continue until December to January, from the stage of the sale. This will assist and equip all users to enjoy sales and the distribution of coin tokens with a note in a clear and transparent. This is how CrytpoTask operate for the sake of their honesty to users, customers and investors. This is the paradigm of CrytpoTask nodes.
Token name: CryptoTask Freelancing (CTF)
the maximum number of ICO’s sales to $5 million
We are targeting the conservative rise to ensure pressure buy post ICO and a significant token trade prices significantly in bursa.
Funds released to founder in three stages, each six months, with a voting mechanism that lets investors put a stop to the project and get a refund if the dev team does not give it.
Given the token 20% goes into the founders, investors a voting mechanism to end roughly two-thirds majority.

 CRYPTOTASK Let Us Disrupt a Trillion Dollar Industry

VEDRAN KAJIK, PhD Cardiff University UK, research interests include blockchain technology and artificial intelligence – the author of the first decentralization strategy game, Etherisasi.
IVAN NANUT, MBA A decade of experience in the software and mobile research and development niche in kriptocurrency since 2013. – CEO, Novasoft LLC
KLEMO VLADIMIR, PhD is Assistant Professor at the University of Zagreb, Faculty of electrical engineering and computing. His research interests include software engineering, service oriented computing, end-user computing and support system.-a Google Intern in the year 2007, lead computing at

ROPE REZUN, EMBA Cryptocurrency, researcher and Advisor Blockchain
CORY TORRELLA Avid blockchain believe that technology will empower a new era: one of the transparency, efficiency, and reliability

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