Curaizon – Revolutionizing Healthcare and Improving Drug-adherence Through big data analytics

Curaizon  – Hello dear friends. Today I will tell you about a very interesting project called Curaizon. And I was interested in this project because it is going to change our lives, or rather the health care system with the help of a fast-growing analytics database working on Blokchejne.

This project could solve all of the problems are real and substantial, to assist patients in taking drugs that are appropriate and correct.

Every day, millions of people do not take their medicines as prescribed by doctors, and as a result the cost of production of medicines increases. All over the world, non-compliance with this requirement costs 700 billion. Dollars. These costs and helps to reduce the project Curaizon.
The data that Curaizon creates are unique and of great value to pharmaceutical companies, researchers and governments of all countries of the world.
Every time a patient uses reserve technology, the project databases are replenished with new useful information and are gaining more value.
The Curaizon project collects completely anonymous data on how and when patients take medicines.
Curatokens tokens are the only way to get access to our databases. These tokens can be used to access data that will promote medical research, reduce health care costs, and save millions of lives.
The value of Curatoken tokens is based on a real solution to a real global problem.
These videos will help you understand how the Curaizon platform works.
Curaizon is a company that has offered about the health of the ecosystem. It supports patients by controlling patients ‘ compliance with the doctor’s prescription. The Curaizon ecosystem includes Curaserve, Curadata, and Curaview. Projects that contribute to the reduction of the costs in a health care and medical research in development problems


Communicates with patients using unobtrusive reminders.
Allows family members to receive information about the admission of medicines by the patient as well as to receive information about his condition. communicates with real-time providers of medical services and reports on patient behavior.

Integration and exchange of information with health systems.
Ensures the relevance of all patient data.
Provides real-time feedback to the patient’s electronic medical card.

Collects unique and valuable data into the database.
Contains only demographic data and patient commitment data. Patient IDs stored by the health service.
Available through Curatoken.
Curatoken allows token holders CTKN access to anonymous medical data on Blokchain

Curatokens is the only way to get access to Curaizon technology.
Curatoken owners can access data that uses powerful analytics, AI, and a large database to counter non-compliance with a medical prescription.
Curatokens provides real-time analysis of patient behavior and commitment.
Curatokens allows you to use blockchain technology to manage authentication, privacy, and accountability, enabling people to control their data by providing protection, security, and compliance with all upcoming, necessary rules, including GDPR.
Curatokens promotes partnership with medical and pharmaceutical organizations through the token reward system.

Curaizon  The owners of Curatoken know that they are saving lives around the world, helping to solve the problem of non-compliance with the drug regimen.
Curaserve technology helps patients to take medications in accordance with the doctor’s requirements. By doing this, Curaizon helps patients to live longer and healthier. Curaizon also reduces health care costs that arise when patients do not take their medicines properly.

Curaserve technologygenerates a huge amount of unique data in real time, showing how people take their medications. This information is very valuable for various groups such as pharmaceutical companies, medical researchers and biotech companies. Curatokens provide token holders access to the data to make requests. As the Curaizon platform works for a long time, their database is replenished with information which is then used for its intended purpose. If more data that have been collected in a database, to eat the higher price of a Curatokens.

Overview of Tokens
Curatoken (CTKN) is an EIP-20 token on Ethereum that can be used to access data about medical commitment through the Curadata platform.
Curatoken Pre-Sale: June 1, 2018-8 June 2018
Curatoken kan in selling public traded to on: June 8, 2018 – September 8, 2018

Softcap: 1 million USD
Hard cap: 25 million USD
Coins for Sale: 250 million
Coin Price: 0.2 USD


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